Zodiac and Birthstone Barbies With New Dresses

11 Mar

Just recently, I`ve sometimes felt like I was degenerating into “look, here`s a doll … ooh look, another doll …” but tonight I actually have some photos that I`m quite pleased with.

This was one of the quickest projects I`ve ever done, from getting the idea (Thursday) to finishing the dresses and taking the pictures (today). I knew I wanted to re-feature my March Birthstone and Pisces Zodiac Barbies, seeing as we are at the right time of year for them, but I felt they needed a new look. In the UK, this time of year is daffodil season; while I was looking out of the window at the dwarf variety we grow in the back garden, I thought, what could be more representative of March than some daffodilly, egg-yolkish, easter chicky yellow?

These dresses were simple sheathes, made in the manner I described in last month`s post “Make Mine a Basic”. However, my new year`s resolution was to make more dresses with sleeves, so Birthstone Barbie got some. I wanted to see if just sewing the sleeves to a strapless top would work out all right, and I think it did – I like her dress more than Zodiac Barbie’s dress, where I wasn’t sure if I got the ladylike vintage look I was going for completely right. Not too bad though, considering that under a year ago, I might have managed one dress – with a lot of swearing and stressing out and not doing much else – in a weekend. Getting faster!







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