The Pinks

25 Mar

I`ve got a case of the pinks (a bit like the blues, but Barbie-related). I don`t generally like to moan, but its true. I spent some time on an auction site today. The listings were great. However, first somebody beat one of my bids with bloody milliseconds to go. I hate it when that happens. Then I saw an item I had been looking for since I first started collecting. Exciting! I`ve only ever seen it for sale once before, and I gave up on finding it again six months ago. There were five minutes left to the end of the auction and for some reason, I decided to look at something else til it came up … do I even have to explain that I missed it?

Still. I like to believe in collecting Karma. Surely this means that something really good is on the way?

In the hopes that I am right, I offer you this cheery solarised Barbie picture.



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