Tropical Splash Christie

27 Mar


So many dolls, so little time …. I had a completely different post planned for today, but then I woke up in a 1990s kind of mood. I`ve been digging round on the internet trying to identify some of the old Barbie clothes I have, I think that`s what`s done it.

Anyway, as its very sunny here, I thought that the most appropriate doll for me to feature would be the lovely Tropical Splash Christie. I`m planning a swimsuit special for summer and I had thought about saving her for this, but I can always feature her again.

Tropical Splash Christie seems to be one of the most common black 1990s Barbies to show up on auction sites and at car boot sales – they must have sold a boatload. They are usually in a sad state with matted and sometimes hacked-off hair, but mine still has her original hairdo and her original outfit (apart from the super hideous flower earrings I justifiably removed – rank). I bought her from new when I was a teenage “collector”. I was so bored of blonde and blue, but anything else was pretty hard to find back then. I liked her at first, but it always sort of irritated me that she had such caucasian features and long straight hair. Now, I like her again and I`m glad I didn`t get rid of her. Although its true she`s no mbili, I do have other dolls with this sculpt (Christie 1987) and I have come to appreciate it.

She also came with a little bottle of perfume, which I think I threw away by accident recently (it smelled like floral disinfectant to me anyway).



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