So In Style Part 8 – (half of) First Wave Rocha

28 Mar



This is a cautionary tale. The first wave of Rocha dolls were widely available when I started collecting again last year, but unfortunately this lulled me into a false sense of security and I left it too late to get all of them. I loved the SIS girls from the first time I saw them. This Grace was my first ever SIS. I got her from John Lewis online where you couldn’t order specific dolls so I didn`t know who was going to turn up. She was called “Jayla” on the box, I presume that this is an English name variant. As in the US this means a prison guard, I can see why this name wouldn`t have worked well over there, and in the UK, Grace is quite a posh, suburban sort of name (think ballet and ponies) so maybe they thought it wasn`t hip enough.

You still see the others from this wave occasionally, although I haven`t seen the particularly desirable Trichelle for sale for months now. Actually, recently I did see her on eBay without her original outfit and unnamed and she still went for over a tenner, and that`s when I gave up on the idea of getting her in the forseeable future.

Chandra was one of my super-lucky eBay buys – still boxed, for about £6 with postage. She was still over £30 everywhere else, so I`ve no idea how I did this, apart from that the seller didn`t have an ace feedback score so maybe nobody else wanted to risk it (I was a little nervous myself until she turned up, but she did and in pretty good time). I was so pleased, as I particularly like Chandra. Just look at her in these pics! I`m really sad that Mattel have sidelined her now, although they have kind of implied it won`t be forever – fingers crossed.

Well, I`m still on the lookout for the other two, though not massively hopeful. If I ever get hold of the rest of the rest of the set I will post as soon as I`ve stopped doing cartwheels …




PS. About the vespa – isn’t it great? I want more vehicles, as they are great scene setters, but they`re hard bloody work to get hold of at a reasonable price.


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