Reading Part Four – Barbie`s Adventures at Camp

12 Apr

Today, I was browsing some blogs and I came across this interesting post. (Did that work? I`ve just read up on how to make links AFTER A WHOLE YEAR OF BLOGGING – now I`m going to have to go back and add them to my old posts). Anyway, it made me think about this old Barbie book I managed to pick up a while ago.


I`d heard about these books and I wasn`t sure what to expect. Some of them are kind of infamous for being sexist/ racist/ elitist, although of course they are a product of their time and its perhaps a bit unfair to judge them too harshly by contemporary standards. Actually, what turned up was a rather sweet, wistful little story about summer camp, with a moral about the pitfalls of rewarding bad behaviour and a happy ending. It also contained some rather gorgeous illustrations. This is my favourite:


I love illustrations, especially in children`s books. If I ever wanted to start another blog, illustration would probably be my subject. There`s something so mysterious and evocative about the best illustrations, and even though I didn`t read these books as a child, I think they have that fantastic dreamy quality. The style of these pictures, painted by Burmah Burris, will probably be familiar to many people in the UK and the US, as they are now trendy again, and have been used on a range of products (teatowels, china, greetings cards etc).

My version of “Barbie`s Adventures at Camp” is an ex-library copy and consequently a little bit battered. This is why I was able to afford it, but even more so than with dolls, I think the wear and tear adds to its appeal and I find the smell of old books utterly comforting. I would love to buy more, but you either have to get lucky or spend a lot of money, so even if I do, it`ll be a slow process.




2 Responses to “Reading Part Four – Barbie`s Adventures at Camp”


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