Elina The Ex-Fairy

13 Apr

Just a quick one today – here`s Elina from the Fairytopia range. I dug her out of the drawers today thinking I would do some work on her, and actually managed to get her finished.



I had a debate with myself about whether or not I should rebody her, as I quite liked her pink light-up wings and her original body has great painted “tattoos” on the arms. I`ve never really been all that interested in fairy dolls before, but this one is really nice. As an aside, I think I`m getting a bit sentimental in my approach to middle age and I have a Doll Challenge to show you soon which is probably going to confirm this. Anyway, Elina has those great Fairytopia rooted eyelashes and an unusual face sculpt with an exotic look to it. I particularly like her cute pointed chin, which makes her look most un-Barbie-like.

In the end, I decided it would be hard to re-dress her with the wings, and I had to do this because she came with only half of her original outfit (although I probably would have wanted to do it anyway). I also needed to work on her hair and the wings would have got in the way. I compromised by deciding to keep her original body, so I might switch her back some time. Her hair was in pretty bad played-with condition although she did still have her original do, which consisted of romantic gelled curls and two strange mini pigtails in the fringe area. I washed it through then boil straightened it. Unfortunately, the ponytail rooting and the weird fringe arrangement meant I couldn`t leave it loose, so I had to do a version of her original do, but a little bit sleeker. I think she`s cleaned up OK.

Elina wears a current season fashionista dress.


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