Sindy Special 5 – Cherry Blossom Sindy

15 Apr

Strange as it might seem, the Council Estates of Northern England have something in common with Japan. (For those of you unfamiliar with this concept, a Council Estate is a group of houses built by a Government-run agency, to provide housing for people who can`t afford a mortgage – although nowadays, many Council tenants have bought their houses from the Government, like my Boyfriend and my Parents have).

For some reason, Council surveyors have always been surpassingly fond of cherry trees. Well, I presume this is the case because they have planted them everywhere. This is strange, because cherry trees only live thirty-odd years, then they are prone to start rotting from the inside and eventually they fall over, taking out cars, fences, rooves, whatever happens to be in their way. Their roots are always thirsty and tend to find their way into foundations and drains. So – not really a sound landscape-gardening choice for the thrifty and practical planner. Maybe the Council staff has a high proportion of romantics.

There is nothing, nothing in the world, more beautiful than a flowering cherry tree. I am fond of lots of flowers but cherry trees are on another level entirely. I remember walking home from school with my Mother about this time of year and being awestruck by the cherry trees growing on our road – I`d sneak out of the house when I could and just stare at them. And when I got older, I found out that there is an entire country that agrees with me. I`ve read that cherry blossom is a popular and significant phenomenon in Japan and is actually celebrated with special parties (hanami). I love this idea, so now the cherry blossom front has found its way to the gloomy North of England, I`m planning my own little online hanami …

I`m starting with Cherry Blossom Sindy, who has had a makeover. She started out like this:


I bought her with a vague re-root plan. When I saw some beautiful pinky-mauve new hair for her and noticed that it was called “cherry blossom”, I decided to make it seasonal. Looking on eBay, I found some old kimono silk for sale in a cherry blossom pattern, and I was all set.

Cherry blossom Sindy has been re-rooted with cherry blossom saran with lowlights in pink blush saran from retrodolls. I described the process in my Sindy Special 4 last month, so I won`t dwell on it except to say that it was even more fun now I know what I am doing, and I definitely want to do more re-rooting. When she was finished, I did what we used to do as kids if we didn`t have perms and we wanted wavy hair – I plaited it. I actually boil-washed the plaits then let them dry:


I think this created quite a nice effect. I didn`t do her hair close to the scalp because I planned to tie it up, but when it was done I thought it looked pretty good down so I left it.

I have given her a repaint round the eyes and the lips to tie it all together, and if it looks a bit matte on the photos, this is because I`ve not sealed it yet. How the mighty have fallen, or at least moderated their opinions, eh? At one time, I hated the practice of matching eye colour to outfit, and now I`m doing it too …

I made her dress in a manner similar to the way I made the one in my recent Cloud Queen Rayla post, although now I have learned to curve the straps to the boobs a bit better. Hopefully, you will notice that I have done my best to give up my instinctive approach to sewing, which is to just get it done as quickly as possible no matter how big or crooked the stitches πŸ™‚ Originally, I intended to make it a big flouncy affair, but in the end something inside me rebelled and I went for a more simple look. I`m glad I did now, as the pink wavy hair is girly enough.

Anyway, Sindy is posing in our cherry tree. Boyfriend lost the council-planted one when it rotted through and had to be cut down, so we planted a new one about four years ago, and its looking stunning. Hope you like.





7 Responses to “Sindy Special 5 – Cherry Blossom Sindy”

  1. bat6660 April 16, 2012 at 11:49 am #

    Fantastic pictures, now I know where you keep dissapearing off to, its either in the kitchen rerooting or in the garden doing photo shoots. Cherry Blossom does look good though.

  2. Maria April 16, 2012 at 3:35 pm #

    I love cherry blossom…its so pretty and delicate and I love the doll named after it! Vintage Sindy is so cute..

  3. barbielea April 16, 2012 at 5:14 pm #

    Cheers Maria and Wayne. I’m pleased with her, she’s turned out well and its made me want to do another one right now! I love photographing Sindy, she’s got one of those great face sculpts that seem to change expression if you look at her from different angles (Mackie and Lea Barbie sculpts are a bit like that as well). Thanks for posting πŸ™‚

    • Lisa July 12, 2012 at 1:26 pm #

      I’m about to start my first Sindy make-over – having just acquired 3 poor, unloved individuals who need a LOT of TLC.

      My biggest challenge is the mould all over their legs, but even if I can’t get that out I’m still aiming to give them new hair and make-up.

      I was just wondering what you used for the lips on this beauty? It’s a stunning colour and my girls are somewhat bear around the lips right now!

      Love the photos by the way!

      • barbielea July 12, 2012 at 6:52 pm #

        Hi Lisa, and thanks!

        About this doll’s lip colour, I just used acrylic paint which I mixed to make this colour, can’t remember which colours but I think white and red and dark blue … a word of warning, though. After a while, unsealed colour tends to “bleed” a little into the surrounding area, or this is what I am finding through my experiments anyway (I’m still learning, really). So make sure that when you are happy with the effect, you seal the paint! Also if you’ve not painted on a doll before, this is some appropriate equipment that helped me SO much – I bought a magnifying glass on a stand and invested in some teeny-weeny thin brushes (I got the smallest available on Hope useful and good luck with it! PS. Don’t worry about your mould issue – one of my other commenters, Maria, said that she had a Sindy covered in mould and she cleaned up really well with just soap and water, so I don’t think its always as bad as it looks. Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚


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