Kira, Cherry Blossom Girl

22 Apr


Here`s an old Kira doll I got hold of and did some work on. Her hair was terribly matted and Ive conditioned it twice, boil straightened it and done a lot of brushing. As you can see, its still kind of frizzy; I quite like it like this, actually, but I`m considering re-rooting her at some point. Speaking of roots, her rooting pattern is strange and I have had to sew her hair into this style to hide some of the thinner places.

The kanji for cherry blossom is a girl wearing a hair ornament. The only explanation I could find said that well, a cherry tree in bloom is pretty and a girl wearing a hair ornament is pretty. I think there must be more to it than this, as lots of things are pretty. Unlike other items of clothing, a hair ornament`s only purpose is to be pretty. And the Mother of any little girl can tell you how quickly hair ornaments get lost or broken or discarded. In Japan, cherry blossom is a symbol of transient beauty because the blossom lasts for such a short time (in the west, butterflies are probably used as a comparable metaphor). Dolls are also transient objects. How long is a doll made to last for, anyway? Five years is probably a good innings for a Barbie doll, depending on how the owner treats her. However, if you`ll pardon me for bringing another flower into it, quite often it seems that the bloom is off the rose (and the shoes off the feet, and the hair out of its elaborate style) as soon as the box is open. Anyway, I think this sense of time passing and objects briefly valued then quickly discarded is part of what fascinates collectors – they shouldn`t still be here, but they are, with matted hair and chipped paint and bitten feet.

The ridiculously girly dress that Kira is wearing might be a nightie, I can`t remember. I got it when I first started collecting in my teens, and I think it might be Hasbro-made. If anybody knows, please do post me a comment.




2 Responses to “Kira, Cherry Blossom Girl”

  1. John Zaragoza May 28, 2016 at 4:37 am #

    I believe that is a Miko doll which eventually became Kira. Try steaming her hair (if you have access or a steamer) with a brush which may help but rerooting may be the best way to save her. During that time period Mattel got very cheap with the hair and often left bald spots. I like that face as well, she’s worth the reroot.

    • barbielea May 30, 2016 at 8:48 pm #

      Thankyou John! I boil washed and conditioned etc etc, but I’m not sure it’ll ever come right. She would make a great re-root doll, but my re-rooting backlog is pretty big right now! I’d love to get around to her some day. Thanks for the suggestions.

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