Sindy Special 7 – Sunny

30 Apr

I hate to admit it, but I do have one more doll who has a name. This is Sunny; I think she was named after a character from a book I was reading when I got her, in my late teens.

Brunette Sindy

Sunny is my favourite 90s Sindy ever – I`ve never seen her for sale anywhere since, and I can’t remember what doll she is. I believe she was a basic doll and that this was the dress she was sold in, but I might be wrong about either of those things (I no longer trust my rather poor memory). I`ve kept hold of her through every cull, and I’m glad of it now. This Sindy sculpt works so well with darker hair, and its such a shame that most of the Sindys produced around this time were Barbie blonde.

Brunette SindyBrunette Sindy

By the way, I am aware that Springtime seems to have turned me all pink and fluffy (flowers, misty focus etc etc)- and I`ve made a vow that this is going to change, so bear with me. On a related note, I saw this today and thought of you (and me, of course):


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