Ali G Papped Smooching at the Sunshine Awards

13 May

We recently found this Ali G doll in the loft. In the way of all catchphrase-ridden pop culture phenomenons, he has found his way to the Z List now. However, my poor old Barbies are mostly starved of male companionship, and despite the Dudley Moore-esque height difference, Basics Model 8 is doing her best to appear fascinated by his cheesy lines (he really is a talking doll).


He really isn’t good from the front as he looks a bit like his head has been caught in a vice, but his profile is lovely and his clothes and accessories are of a surprisingly high quality. More from Ali G shortly.

By the way, it seems that the Stay At Home Philosopher has nominated me for a Sunshine Award. I’ve tried working it out, but I’m still not entirely sure what this means. I`ll take it anyway – beggars can`t be choosers, as my Mother would say. Of course, I`m not going to be the one accepting it, or answering the questions, so Barbie – take it away ….


Favourite Colour: If you had a trademarked colour that was named after you, wouldn’t that pretty much be a done deal? (I’m not entirely sure which exact shade of pink Barbie pink is, but it really is trademarked, 1999 I think).

Favourite Animal: Barbie has had somewhere over 40 pets (according to the figures I have seen, but I think these are about ten years old so the number is probably higher now). The most popular ones have been dogs and horses, but of course, there are also the parrots, lion cubs, giraffes, pandas etc, so let’s just say she likes them all.

Favourite number: How about a billion? According to Wikipedia, this is about how many Barbies have been sold, ever.

Favourite drink: Of course, Barbie doesn`t drink, but she does appreciate the odd coca cola – in fact, there is a whole range of rather sentimental collector-level Coca Cola Barbies. A little internet search has also just revealed to me that she has inspired an array of cocktails – Malibu Barbie, Naked Barbie, Flaming Barbie (sorry, actually I made that last one up but the other two are real).

Facebook or Twitter? Of course, she`s on both – here, and here. The Twitter is particularly cringey.

My Passion: Barbie has a huge array of hobbies, interests and career paths. She`s been an astronaut three times including the repro, she is running for President for the second time this year, and she`s taking part in almost every Olympic event, too. Probably not the wrestling, though.

Prefer Giving or Getting Presents: Barbie most definitely prefers being given as a present. Collector level dolls and playline alike are massively geared towards the gift industry. There are Barbies for every occasion on the calendar, probably most famously the annual “Holiday” Barbie, or if your special event is a bit more obscure, she can cater for that too – for example, the 2008 Celebrate collector-level Steffie, who comes with a stand that plays a snippet of the appropriate Kool and the Gang song.

My Favourite Pattern: The love heart is most commonly associated with Barbie, but these days many of her outfits also feature her profile logo. That`s such a bizarre question.

My Favourite Day of the Week: Barbie is not the sort of girl to be phased by the odd Monday, but I imagine that like the rest of us, she is fondest of Saturday (when the kids are off school and the shops are open).

My favourite flower: Again, there is no easy answer to this, as there are flower-themed Barbies a go-go. However, I would guess at the rose – this is Barbie`s flower in the Dancing Princess range, and roses seem to appear in her outfits more often than other flowers (Really Rosy range, Sweet Roses, Radiant Rose etc etc etc).

Anyhoo, I`m much too British and reserved to be passing this award on to anybody, but here’s some of the blogs I like, doll and non-doll (and yes, stayathome too):

How To Play With Barbies

Confessions of a Doll Collector`s Daughter

Helen`s Doll Saga

Arthion’s Weblog

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4 Responses to “Ali G Papped Smooching at the Sunshine Awards”

  1. bat6660 May 17, 2012 at 12:12 pm #

    Thats not a Model 8 doll, thats “Me Julie!”

    • tagidoll May 20, 2012 at 9:30 am #

      Thank-you for the shout-out AND thank-you for refraining from nominating me for such a prestigious award. I would have only squandered the fame and riches it would have brought me ❤

      • barbielea May 20, 2012 at 10:09 pm #

        Tagidoll – as I said, I`m British. It would have gone “If at all possible, would you please consider accepting this award, its more like a sort of chain letter really so sorry to have to ask, hope it doesn`t take up too much of your time and sorry to have bothered you”. Then I would have deleted it anyway. Anyway, its a pleasure.


  1. Kimora Gee « barbiebeauties - June 2, 2012

    […] Simmons wearing a white playline suit I bought from new, and accessories from our recent loft-found Ali G doll. The hat and the bling are his, but I forgot to include his matching cane … o well. I tried […]

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