Attack The Clones Part Two – Lexie

18 May

I was just starting to feel like I was getting somewhere with my clone-overs when my rooting needle snapped, and as I didn`t have a spare I just had to wait while a replacement arrived from America. Yes, I could have got going with making the outfits, but I didn`t want to! (pout pout sulk sulk etc). Anyway, among my clones are a couple of dolls who looked like this:


Although I’m not usually a fan of the bubblecut, I love the unusual colour of her hair and the sort of elfin look it gives her. So I decided to leave at least one clone with her hair intact and work on other aspects of her instead. This is what I did:

* Removed all her face paint and gave her a full repaint. I tried for freckles again, despite my slightly rubbish attempt at freckling Midge last year (I still owe that poor doll big-time). I think it worked out a bit better than before, and doubtless it will work out better next time I do it.
* Sewed her some real eyelashes in.
* Filed some of the rough joints on her cheaply produced body down a bit.
* Made her a dress. Actually, I made her four dresses, because I just couldn`t seem to get it right. I decided the first dress was the wrong colour and gave up halfway through (I might use it later, I suppose). The second was the wrong sort of material. The third was completely the wrong shape and I sewed it together wrong anyway – so when I came to make the one she has ended up wearing, I kept it as simple as I could. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, as Gothic looks on freckled redheads aren`t easy to pull off (one of my best friends when I was a goth was a fiery freckly redhead who dyed and powdered until she looked exactly like my Speed Racer Trixie).

So, you might know that I don`t usually name dolls. Its been a struggle with these ones, though, and my resolve broke when my son asked me what her name was today while I was sewing for her. I blurted out “Betsy” (God knows why) and for the rest of the day he`s been calling her his version of this, which sounds like “Lexie”, so now its much too late to take it back.

Hope you like her. By the way, I`m doing these dolls as a sort of personal challenge and because I enjoy it, but I`ve resigned myself to not keeping them (er, unless nobody else wants them) so after they are all finished they`ll be going up on eBay, starting price just covering my costs.





3 Responses to “Attack The Clones Part Two – Lexie”

  1. bat6660 May 22, 2012 at 7:38 am #

    I know you said Goth love but when I look at her i think wild west saloon. Obviously I am a Philistine when it comes to dolls but there you go. makes pretend spittoon sound (spit-ding).

    • barbielea May 22, 2012 at 8:36 am #

      Haha yes she does have a bit of a saloon gal look going on – fair cop (or sheriff).

    • barbielea May 22, 2012 at 8:58 pm #

      Oh, and I was actually aiming more for Kawaii, Lolita-style kind of goth, rather than the white-stage-makeup ratted-black-hair Sisters-&-Bauhaus variant with which we are more familiar. Maybe I should have made her skirt a bit shorter, or maybe I should have just tried it with a doll who didn’t have a kind of Mae West vibe going on in the first place …

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