Reading Part Five (a) – Dollreader Magazine September 1997

26 May

The boyf recently found a copy of this magazine in his attic (I swear to God, you name it, its up there) and brought it down for me to have a look at. Initially, I was unenthusiastic. In my experience, for every cool picture or article you get in this kind of magazine, you get about a hundred adverts for frightening child dolls in straw hats/ singing carols/ sucking their thumbs, or something like that. Not my kind of thing.

However, I actually found three things of note, one of which, as I will explain later, was particularly useful to me. As the three things I found interesting were all about wildly different subjects, I am going to write three different posts about them. First tonight, some collector Barbie adverts. I love looking at original advertising and promotional pictures – its interesting to see how the dolls were marketed. I particularly like the Barbie Millicent Roberts ad, but I couldn’t get a very good photo of the double-page spread because the magazine would not flatten down properly:




There’s also an advert for the “Great Eras” Barbies, with pictures of the Chinese Empress Barbie. Unlike the Barbie Millicents, I doubt I would consider buying this doll, or if I did I think I’d prefer an old tatty one without her outfit rather a nice pristine never-undressed version. But she’s nice to look at anyway:



Lastly, I found this Bob Mackie creation, although she’s not a Barbie. Her painting is beautiful but she’s much too “china figurine” for me – in fact, the blurb says she’s made of porcelain and she doesn’t look remotely poseable to me, so I don’t really see why she was being sold as a doll at all:





2 Responses to “Reading Part Five (a) – Dollreader Magazine September 1997”

  1. Alrunia May 27, 2012 at 8:16 pm #

    The Chinese Empress’ outfit does nothing for me. I think I feel the same way as you, more or less- she’s a pretty doll in an outfit I’d want to tear off her, stick in a drawer and then never ever look at it again. Not because it’s hideous or anything- it’s well made and a cool original twist on the traditional imperial garb- it’s just so off the wall. I’m not dissing chinese culture here, I’d feel the same way about most dolls in glitterized national costumes and such. Earth to Barbie, it’s time to put on something actual people actually wear! So yeah much better if she came naked, and possibly in need of a new hairdo. Actually when that kinda sorta happened to me- I scored a TLC Princess of Japan and made such grand plans to modernize her.. and in the end can’t bring myself to do it. Poor thing has been stuck in a box because I can’t make up my mind either way 🙂

  2. barbielea May 27, 2012 at 8:51 pm #

    Hi Alrunia 🙂 I’ve got a soft spot for TLC Midges anyway – I suppose when I wrote the above I was thinking of my DOTW Native American Midge, who is much much nicer without her original outfit and loads of fun to do up and re-dress. Oh, Princess of Japan … Sigh … I love all Japanese Barbies but Princess of Japan is Lea-faced and therefore particularly special, I’m still looking out for her – lucky old you!

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