Off Topic Doll 15 – Pocahontas

27 May

I’m not big on many Disney dolls, but when they’re good, they’re very good. She’s not without faults. Firstly, she has that old-style body with the ridiculously wide wide ribcage and hips and the ridiculously narrow waist. Also, she’s got high-heel ready feet, although she doesn’t even wear shoes for most of the film (she’s not on her own, as I noticed that the modern Disney Rapunzel doll, although barefoot throughout the film, also has high-heeled feet in high-heeled shoes).

However, I love the fact that she has black eyes rather than the toned-down hazel that Mattel doubtless would have used. Her style is minimalist compared to Barbie, but I think this has its own cartoonish charm. And her super-long hair is amazing.

We found this Pocahontas in the attic, which was lucky as I was on the lookout for one anyway. We did find her original faux-buckskin outfit with her, but I really don`t like it so today I set out to make her a new one. However, I only got as far as her top, then I gave in and dressed the rest of her in some playline I had (jacket, possibly – shudder – Bratz or similar, skirt Barbie). Some days its just not happening, and I think she looks great anyway.





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