Monster High – Skeleton Girl

1 Jun


So far, most of my Monster High acquisitions have been opportunistic, meaning I have seen dolls whilst out shopping or been gifted with dolls, rather than setting my cap at a particular one, finding her and buying her. This is all good and I am happy with the dolls I have, but I am finding that it doesn’t feel like a collection unless there are also some dolls that are exactly what I want, and I have had to put some effort into getting.

Hence my Skeleton Girl. Who is amazing.

Listen, I know collectors reading this will probably be wondering why the hell I am messing round with dolls that were released ages ago. Well, firstly I rarely set out to be up-to-date with my purchases. In the UK, where we have later release dates, its a good way to send yourself broke – I`ve had a little look round and it seems that the going rate for a pre-order Robecca or Venus is at least £90. Compare this to last year’s darling, Operetta, who went for silly money around the time of her release and is currently for sale on Amazon UK for £13 with free postage (I know because I’ve finally got round to buying her now).

Secondly, I’ve only recently decided to get more serious about this branch of my collection. Although I intend to concentrate on the dolls to come rather than trying to find dolls already released, there are one or two that I just can’t not buy.

Like Skeleton Girl. Did I mention she is amazing?

More on her amazingness. I think she is easily the scariest of the MHs (yes, scary! Have you never watched Jason and the Argonauts?). She’s beautifully done – I love the cut-outs on the bones of her hands, and the spines on the backs of the shoes is a great touch. I have read that her wig is poor quality and full of gunk. Actually, mine really wasn’t – nice and soft and easy to style, and the electric blue and indigo looks great on her.

Anyhoo, I am one happy doll collector right now. As well as the great, great doll I now own, I had a brilliant time building her with my son, who (spooky goth-to-be that he is) loves her.







3 Responses to “Monster High – Skeleton Girl”

  1. kewpie83 June 2, 2012 at 3:05 pm #

    Congrats on your find! I like the Skeleton Girl, too. I love her limbs. Happy to hear your wig was in good shape. Of all the wigs released, I like the blue one the best. My bumblebee girl is wearing it right now.

    I don’t know what category of Monster High Collectoring I fall into. They’re the first dolls (minus new Skipper releases) I buy impulsively if I see new ones on the shelves, but it’s not because I feel I *need* to have it right then and there. Mostly, it’s because I know that there’s little likelihood I’ll see them on the shelves again, with all these MH re-sellers lurking about.

    Anywho, congrats on your find!

    • barbielea June 2, 2012 at 4:09 pm #

      I love Bee too! Annoying (but maybe predictable) that the two CAMS I really want are add-on packs, meaning all the extra hassle of finding spare CAM parts to assemble them, sigh (I just can’t bring myself to consider dolls who share a body or thighs as two separate dolls, so all mine will have to stay assembled).

      I’m with you on the rapidly disappearing MH situation, but in the UK it’s hard to even find them on the shelves in the first place. However, the re-seller market over here seems to have dropped its prices just recently, maybe because too many people have got into it, which will hopefully mean that some people will give it up in future. The only other line of dolls I try to buy as new releases as quickly as I can is the SIS range, and this is because they are so HTF in the UK as many shops (shockingly) don’t even stock black dolls – for example, although the new Ballerina Princess dolls are common, I haven’t seen ONE of the black dolls from this range for sale. By the way – I have just purchased the BEST Skipper, I love her! Will post her soon


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