Kimora Gee

2 Jun

Here’s some pictures of my lovely Kimora Lee Simmons wearing a white playline suit I bought from new, and accessories from our recent loft-found Ali G doll. The hat and the bling are his, but I forgot to include his matching cane … o well. I tried various dolls in this get-up, and Kimora looked the best. However, I am getting more and more sick of the skinny, rigid model muse body and think she is well overdue some nice fashionista poseability.




3 Responses to “Kimora Gee”

  1. esin June 4, 2012 at 12:37 pm #

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  2. Blu vanity February 27, 2013 at 7:08 pm #

    Hi I’ve been searching all over for a hands on review of the Kimora doll can you make one? I also hate her body isn’t possible and so thin. I’m thinking of getting one cause I love her and its a collectors doll but question for you do you know or can you tell me or a perfect articulated body that would go perfect with Kimora’s head on it? When I get it I want to find a doll body with articulation and pop her head on the articulated body. Any ideas? I want the articulated body to be thin enough to fit Kimora’s original clothes though. Any thoughts or know any doll that would make for a perfect Kimora body replacement and be able to move and fit her clothes? Please help me out with this if you can. Thank you so much. My sister wants this doll so much but she hates dolls that can’t pose and what not so I wanted to find the right body for her and put her head on the new body dress her back up in her clothes put her back in her box wrap it up and give it to my sis for a birthday coming march 21st. Thank so much for any help. Sorry the comment is so long. The doll is beautiful but Kimora has a more shaply beatiful body not a stiff extra thin body. But thanks much. Please reply to me as soon as you can and if you know a great articulated body replacement can you please give me the name of the doll/doll body so I can purchase it. Thank you again. Sorry for bothering you I just been asking around and no one really knows much.

    • barbielea February 27, 2013 at 8:41 pm #

      Hi Blu 🙂 you might be interested in looking at my first post about Kimora Lee –

      Its not much of a review but there are better, closer-up pictures. You’ll see on this post I didn’t get her in her clothes 😦 so I can’t comment on them, but they do look pretty amazing on the promo/ flickr pictures I have seen. You will also see in this post:

      that I eventually rebodied my Kimora onto a Fashionista body – it was actually one of the blonde “glam” dolls whose tanned skin was a very good match for Kimora. However, this body wouldn’t be able to wear her clothes as they are designed for the thinner “model muse” bodied dolls. LIV doll bodies (I think probably AA Alexis would be an OK colour match, but I haven’t checked it out so you would need to look at photos) would fit her clothes and also give her much more articulation and movement than any Barbie pivotal body would, but she would lose a little bit of height as LIVs are shorter. I think that the best solution of all would be a Barbie Basics collection 2.5 model 4 (this would also provide your sister’s Kimora with a gorgeous alternative outfit, the one the 2.5 model 4 comes in). I’m pretty sure that this would be a good colour match, although you might want to look her up and see what you think first, and it would fit her clothes really well, and be the same height. The only problem you might encounter is that this doll has also become rather hard to find. Failing this, you might find something suitable in the Obitsu range of bodies, which are beautifully articulated and barbie height, but I can’t advise you very well about these as they are not my area. I do know that the bodies come in a range of sizes and have fixings in the packet for a variety of doll heads.

      I hope some of this is useful. Remember, if you are new to rebodying, you might want to read some tutorials and have a practice before moving Kimora over to a new body, it can be a bit of a tricky task! Best wishes and good luck with it 🙂

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