Moxie Teen – Arizona

14 Jun

It has recently been present time again (thanks Boyf) and Arizona is the fabulous result of this. From what I have observed of the English Moxie market, Arizona is the hardest to find doll from those available over here – you find maybe one Arizona for every thirty of the others from the same line. However, she’s still easier to get hold of than Bijou, who is pretty much impossible to find.

With Moxies, its the details that amaze me – especially the great jewellery:


These dolls also wear high-quality clothes that can be rearranged to create a variety of looks. Arizona is the Dancer of the Moxie crew, and her racy Madonna-like leggings and leotard combination reflect this.


I sometimes snoop around on the Moxie website looking for some sign of a new line, but sadly nothing seems to be in the pipeline. However, I was very impressed with the range of wigs and clothes available for these dolls. Although we can’t get them in the UK (sigh) they are beautifully done, well worth a browse.





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