Sindy Special 9 – Disney Club

18 Jun

I didn’t expect to be doing another Sindy post so soon. However, after I sorted out my Sindys needing work this weekend I got round to cleaning up this one. I had decided to keep her despite my reservations about her broken knee mechanisms – unfortunately she can’t bend her legs any more. Sometimes, a battered old doll responds in unexpected ways to a hairwash, a good clean and some new clothes, and I think Disney Club Sindy is one of these dolls. She has turned out so much better than I would have expected – despite her crowd-pleasing tan and the startling combination of bright blue eyes and bright pink lippy, I think she has loads of attitude and she photographs so well.


Disney Club Sindy was produced around 1988 – as you might be able to tell, she was a beach doll. I have seen my Sindy’s swimsuit and those of her two companions for sale before (each featuring a large picture of a Disney character) but never the complete dolls. I would love to get my Disney Club her swimsuit back – judging from her spiky fringe and her one remaining yellow earring, I believe that she was the Donald Duck girl. Disney Club has really fired my interest in this style of Sindy and I am already snooping round for more, the bonus being that they are generally plentiful and relatively cheap. Most collectors seem to concentrate on Sulky Sindys, which is fine as far as I’m concerned. All the more for me!


PS. Its several months later and I’m no longer so confident I got it right with this identification. I’m thinking that there’s a good chance that this girl is a 1987 Super Cool Sindy instead. If anybody out there has an opinion on this, please feel free to let me know.


2 Responses to “Sindy Special 9 – Disney Club”

  1. kewpie83 June 18, 2012 at 10:53 pm #

    I’ve never seen a Sindy like that before. I’ve always seen the side glancing eyes version. She’s very cute! Actually, she reminds me of the big eyed Skippers a bit.

    • barbielea June 19, 2012 at 8:04 am #

      Hi Kewpie, she’s a beauty isn’t she? I’m not an expert on these dolls but from what I’ve read, she was only produced with this face for about four years. She didn’t do well in America, so at the end of the 80s they changed her again to make her look more like Barbie. I love this face, which goes through quite a variety of looks in different dolls. Thanks for commenting.

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