Let Down Your Hair Part One – Tori

24 Jun


Just time for a quick post today – my dolltime this weekend has mostly been devoted to trying to tame the chaos that’s been allowed to build up in the doll drawers. I came across this Tori today and remembered I bought her for a specific reason. When I first posted about this Tori, I think I mentioned that I was suffering from an urge to take her hair out of the bunches and give it a cut. I’ve moderated my opinion now and I don’t want to cut it any more (what the hell was that about?) but I did still want to take it down. I’ve had this sort of urge since I was a child; I always struggled to leave my dolls’ hair in the factory do, although my Mother wouldn’t have tolerated me cutting hair so it would never have occurred to me. Anyway, I now have an answer to this – buy one doll with a good factory hairstyle and maintain her in this fashion, buy another with a wrecked hairstyle, take it down and wash it through. Curiosity satisfied!

By the way, Tori’s dress is an eBay-purchased, mmm, homage to the outfit worn by the contemporary Hairtastic dolls. So quite appropriate really.




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