Swimsuit Special – Cali Surfer Girl Christie

3 Jul


It wouldn’t be a Swimsuit Special without some Cali Girls … today I bring you one of my few Cali Girls who came to me in played-with condition. I never planned it this way but nearly all of my others were boxed when I got them.

The surfers aren’t my favourite Cali Girl wave, but I couldn’t not get this Christie. I really like her. I have only seen her for sale once – when I bought her – and trust me, I am constantly looking. So I would say that she is pretty rare, in the UK anyway. Actually, she is rare in more ways than one, as she is one of the few black Mattel dolls who has dark brown eyes and natural, tightly curled hair.

When I got her, Christie’s hair was an absolute mess, and for the first time I could kind of understand where Mattel were coming from when they said that natural black hair on dolls is not play-friendly. I think that somebody had tried to brush it through as some areas were pretty straight and some were still tightly curled, and the whole thing had sort of melded together so that in order to separate a piece, I had to rip it away from the rest. It is also very dry. I had planned to boil straighten and then re-curl, but I am worried that the hair is too dry and brittle to withstand this, and a lot of it might be lost. For now, I have scraped it back into an approximation of its original style and sort of patted it into place – I can’t decide if its worth trying to do anything else with it.

One more thing – For a while, I couldn’t figure out if she had another doll’s top on. If you look at the pictures of this doll on my Cali Girl Uno Cards, you can see that her top is clearly different. However, looking on other blogs, flickr etc, I have seen her in this top on other photos, so I am presuming its a variation. If anybody has any more information about this, I’d like to hear from them.




In the pictures above, Christie is hanging out with my Cali Girls Barbie and Theresa.


2 Responses to “Swimsuit Special – Cali Surfer Girl Christie”

  1. Emily Hall February 18, 2014 at 10:10 pm #

    Oh my goooooosh that one on the far left in the last picture I totally forgot about it but I owned her when I was little!

    • barbielea February 18, 2014 at 11:58 pm #

      Hello Emily – it’s a strange feeling, isn’t it, when you suddenly remember a toy like that? Cali Girl Surfer Barbie was one of the most widely sold dolls from this line, she pops up on eBay all the time – you could have a look if you’re feeling nostalgic 🙂

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