Swimsuit Special – Patio Pool Party

6 Jul

My rules usually prohibit combining 80s/ 90s Barbies with 80s/ 90s accessories, but just this once I don’t think it will hurt. Here are some of my older swimsuit dolls enjoying a very brief moment of sunshine (it thunderstormed right afterwards):





The set is from the late 80s and it is called Patio Pool Party. I have never really understood why Barbie accessory sets have always been so poor compared to Sindy accessories or to re-ment. I suppose that they are meant to be representations of objects to act as cues for play, rather than scale models of objects – but why not just do them better? As other toy companies manage it, it can’t be that much more expensive. Having said this, Patio Pool Party isn’t all that bad. The chairs and the table are really cute, and some of the fruit in the fruit bowl is actually quite good. The pool, which you can just see the edge of in some of the above pictures, could have been great but it sags at the sides even when it is full and it just isn’t photogenic at all.

I managed to get Patio Pool Party boxed, and on the side of the box there was a picture of my favourite kind of Skipper enjoying the sun. Check out her pink eyes!




2 Responses to “Swimsuit Special – Patio Pool Party”


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