30th Anniversary Reproduction Francie

14 Jul

I featured a picture of a Francie doll when I wrote this post, and I have been on the lookout for one ever since. At some point it occurred to me that maybe reproductions, rather than original dolls or modern Silkstones, were the way to go, because the repros are relatively cheap, reasonably faithful to the original dolls, and likely to be in decent nick if out of box. However, I only got round to getting my Francie recently, and I’m actually really glad I waited because I ended up making a great purchase.

I came across a great lot on eBay, a bit of a mish-mash really. There was a mixture of items from three sets – the doll from the 1996 30th Anniversary Francie set, clothes, booklets and props from the 2009 Mod Party Becky set, and a certificate and further clothes from the 2005 Smashin Satin Francie set. And yet another booklet, which is from a repro set too, although I’m not sure which one … all for the grand old price of fifteen quid, which really seemed too good to be true.

This brunette Francie is my very favourite kind of Francie and she’s pretty well done, although I’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous originals of this doll that are much better again (HTF and well beyond my financial limits). So I completely lucked out – I would have been happy enough with the blonde Smashin Satin, but its nice to get exactly what you want, isn’t it? As for the rest, its really made me wonder about the seller. He/ she has kept the cute short dresses from all the sets, which I would have done, too. However, strangely, he/she has also kept the shorts from the Smashin Satin set but NOT the jacket. I just can’t figure it out … why keep hideous Becky anyway (who uses the Casey sculpt, I think) and ditch the best repro of the lot? Well, I suppose that’s just my opinion.

Anyway, I LOVE the pink pantsuit worn by Francie in these pictures. I’m sure I will get round to taking pictures of the other outfits at some point too, so probably more to follow.









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