So In Style Part 10 – Marisa and Trichelle, Rocha Wave Three

29 Jul


When I found out that Chandra was being dropped for a Latina doll, I wasn’t sure what to think. And I must say, I’m still not sure. On the plus side, I love Marisa’s outfit. Its simple, but I still think its one of the best SIS outfits I have ever seen – it’s challenging because it’s so un-doll-like, so not the sort of thing you would expect a Barbie to wear. On the minus side, I am surprised by the use of the Mbili Sculpt on this doll as early reports suggested that she might be Lara faced, and I’m just not sure Mbili looks right despite her (presumably intentional) J-Lo vibe. Just to make things more confusing, she doesn’t look like a Mbili on the box drawings either:



Trichelle is her normal, cutesy self, wearing a sort of Jamaican football kit look which works well with her trademark knee socks. Love it. However, I haven’t bothered with the other two dolls from this line. I have always wanted a Darren, but I was very disappointed with this one as I really don’t like his outfit. I know that Barbie’s male companions have a long tradition of high camp, but come on … As for the Grace from this line, I like her but I don’t know. For the money I would have to pay for her I think I could get better right now, although I might change my mind in the future.

I was so looking forward to Rocha wave three, and in actual fact I think its a mixed result. I only bothered with one doll from the last Pastry wave, and Locks of Looks didn’t interest me enough to buy, so I’m wondering if I am reaching the end of my SIS fixation. There are still a fair few back catalogue SIS dolls that I am looking for (one of which is hopefully in the post on its way to me – woo!) but right now, I feel like I really need another great wave, one that will convince me to stick with it.





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