Sindy Special 13 – Romance N Roses

3 Aug


Here’s another doll that I was planning to get rid of. Unfortunately, I then made the mistake of cleaning her up and styling her hair. Once I got to the point where I was trying dresses on her, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that I wouldn’t be selling her on after all. These Sindys seem to really come into their own when they are dressed, which I suppose is just as it should be with a fashion doll.

I think that she is a Romance N Roses Sindy from 1987, and interestingly I made the ID AFTER I took the pictures (if I am correct with my ID, her original outfit would have been a floor-length cream dress with rosebud decorations). When I was dressing her for pictures I just thought that she needed a ridiculously pretty, doll-like kind of look, and I had recently managed to remove a large ink stain from this second-hand contemporary Barbie Bride wedding gown. As the tiny roses from the bush in the garden matched the sash of this dress, I thought I would throw some of those in too. Strange.



PS. I am not as confident in my ID as I usually am, and this is because I have been making mistakes on the Sindy front recently. A commenter pointed out that in one post, I was referring to a doll of the Romance N Roses type as “smirkys” when they are actually known as “Hasbro Sindys”. Well, I have always thought of Hasbro Sindys as the barbie-a-likes produced in the 90s, and these Hasbros have more in common with the Sindys produced in the last days of Pedigree … still, I am grateful for the correction. Sorry! Then to top it all off, I am no longer sure that my Disney Club Sindy, featured in June, was correctly identified either. I now think that she might be a Super Cool Sindy from 1987. Well, we soldier on. And do more reading …


2 Responses to “Sindy Special 13 – Romance N Roses”


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