Million Dollar CAMS – Queen Bee

10 Aug


I love Create a Monster. In fact I think I like them more than I like the central character dolls, which is plenty. They’re just so bizarre – the designers must have had such fun doing them. I don’t have many complete collections, but I might end up doing it with the CAMs. I don’t think they’re all perfect, but when something isn’t how you like it with the CAM dolls, its usually easy to fix. Easy, but not necessarily cheap. I have started to think of them as my Million Dollar CAMs, because I’ve got a feeling that this is how much I’m going to end up spending on them before I am through …

Second up is Bee Girl (the first was Skeleton Girl, who got me started on this whole CAMs obsession in the first place). Bee Girl has been left pretty much as she was intended, as you can see – like Skeleton Girl, I love her just the way she is. However, I do think that she could have been manufactured better. For instance, her wig is fantastic but unfortunately its very shallow on the head and I didn’t find it particularly easy to style in a way that hid the plastic cap. Her sunglasses LOOK very cool but if I was a child who was trying to play with her, I think I’d struggle to keep them on her head, which would be frustrating. Actually, I have made other contemporary purchases which look great but wouldn’t be very great to play with and am starting to suspect that this is a common problem with modern toys.

Anyhoo, I have made one slight adjustment; she now has two outfits, as this Cat and Witch pack dress didn’t look good on either of them but looked great on her. I still like her original dress, especially the black net three quarter length sleeves which disguise the way her upper and lower arms are different colours, although actually I didn’t mind putting her on a non-matching body, which hasn’t been the case with some of the other CAMs. More of this in later posts …





3 Responses to “Million Dollar CAMS – Queen Bee”

  1. Alrunia August 12, 2012 at 9:57 am #

    I was honestly baffled when I saw the way this wig is constructed. Her bangs are growing just about on top of her head if you put it on the way they intended. If you remove the peg, it does fit better, but won’t stay on her for five seconds. I did end up cutting off the peg and secured the wig with two sewing pins instead.
    If the mismatched torsos and limbs on your other CAMs bug you, there’s always this- . (you probably know about this already but I’m linking it anyway, because I WISH I knew about it before. I ended up buying a pricey bootleg “custom” yellow torso off Etsy for my bee girl and it’s honestly pretty terrible, the limbs pop out instantly if you so much as look at her and yeah definitely not something I’d recommend.)

    • barbielea August 12, 2012 at 6:12 pm #

      Hi Alrunia! Yes, I have heard of these but automatically presumed that I would not be able to buy them direct from America, and I’ve never seen them for resale in the UK. Well, guess what? I’ve just followed your link, snooped round the site and actually I can … I’m having some technical problems actually buying from here but I’m going to try to figure them out. Thanks very much! Probably never would have gone looking if you hadn’t posted the link. I shall have to re-think my whole CAMs strategy now, hmmm 🙂 


  1. Million Dollar CAMS – Season of the Witch « barbiebeauties - October 11, 2012

    […] time) and the clothes for both dolls were terrible. I managed to find a use for Witch’s outfit, anyway, and I think Witch looks much better for her re-style. The great patent leather jacket is […]

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