Attack The Clones Part Three – Mystery Girl

12 Aug

Despite having made some absolutely amazing purchases just recently, I didn’t end up posting last night. Some things haven’t arrived yet, some things need work before I take pictures and some other things just didn’t appeal to me right then. I think I was in that kind of mood where you are getting ready to go out and, although your cupboards are full to bursting, you just can’t find anything to wear.

I’m not used to this sort of feeling – I rarely suffer from dolly ennui, which makes it particularly unpleasant when it does happen. I think the underlying problem might be all the projects I have lying round half-done at the moment, including the gang of clones I started working on some time ago. I shall have to do something about this, but in the meantime, here’s some dolly chicken soup for the soul.


This is another clone I picked up somewhere, and I just loved her as soon as I saw her. She was dirty and her hair was completed matted, so I’ve washed it through then plaited and boil rinsed it (I think she originally had curly hair with a sheepdog fringe, which I have straightened, cut and flicked). Its hard to tell if she’s a Barbie or Sindy-a-like, maybe both. Her stamp just says “MADE IN CHINA”, so no help there. If anybody knows who she is, I would love to hear.

On the surface of things, she’s not amazing – her painting is crude, her long, standard-blonde hair is made of cheap fibre. But I think she’s got something quite magical about her. I love her high-colour face, the shape (if not so much the execution) of her eyes, unusually small for a fashion doll of her type, and her thoughtful expression. I’ve never seen one like her before or since, but I’m going to be on the lookout now …

ADDITIONAL: Hooray, identified by Alrunia in less than 24 hours! She’s a Gloria (or Betty Teen) – for details please see comments on this post




PS. Her dress was handmade by an eBay seller called Dabrowska – I’ve got a fair few things from her. I rate her because everything she makes is beautifully sewn and fits perfectly.


3 Responses to “Attack The Clones Part Three – Mystery Girl”

  1. Alrunia August 12, 2012 at 11:36 pm #

    Your mystery girl is Gloria by Tong, you know the doll that technically goes with all those Gloria furniture playsets that are so common and pretty nice looking? 🙂 The dolls themselves aren’t made anymore, I think. They have occasionally been known to have rooted eyelashes. They were distributed as Betty Teen in some countries (either that or Betty Teen is actually a clone of the original Gloria, seeing that they’re both only stamped as “made in china” it’s hard to say.)

    • barbielea August 13, 2012 at 8:51 pm #

      Hi Alrunia and thanks (again!). I have never seen or heard of Gloria before I don’t think … I looked on eBay UK and there were no dolls under either name, there was a few furniture sets but from American sellers. Don’t know if this is because she wasn’t so popular over here or whether I’ve just caught the market on a bad day … I do tend to be a bit Barbiecentric, which might explain my ignorance!

    • barbielea August 13, 2012 at 8:54 pm #

      Ps. I can’t believe this great doll was only made as a prop for furniture … I would love a rooted eyelash model! Best wishes 🙂

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