Mother Knows Best

16 Sep

I’ve had this Mother Gothel since March – saw her, had to get her, loved her. I’ve not featured her so far because I had a pretty complicated diorama in mind, but I’ve kind of been forced into action. After a little visit to the Disney Store today, I’ve developed the hugest Disney Villains crush, and (if my worries about utter poverty are outweighed by my doll lust) I might end up featuring another Mother Gothel and her friends, so I had to get my playline version in first. If not … hey, at least I’ve still got one of the best playline Disney dolls yet produced.


Its nice to see Disney raising the bar with their dollage, isn’t it? There have been far too many Disney dolls who look like poor-quality Barbie rip-offs with slightly malformed faces, but recently things seem to have changed. I don’t think its a flash in the pan, either; I love the new “Brave” dolls, although I have yet to see the film. Anyway, in addition to MG’s fabulous, true-to-character face which owes nothing whatsoever to Barbie (but, you could argue, a whole heap to Cher) she features articulated wrists and elbows, which is always a bonus. I’m also impressed that they haven’t try to make her curly hair more brushable and play-friendly, unlike the Tangled Ever After Bride Rapunzel doll who has her long golden locks again – somebody call the continuity guy.

So yes, I love the doll, but I’m conflicted about Mother Gothel’s role in Tangled. On the one hand I was absolutely fascinated and charmed by her characterisation as a kind of fusion of Malificent and Edina from Absolutely Fabulous (“plus I believe / you’re getting kinda chubby / I’m only saying it cos I wuv you”). However, I’m a bit disappointed that yet again, the baddie is a woman. Not just a bad woman, either – a bad Mother. I’m probably a bit over-sensitive about this, you know, what with being one and everything, but come on, Disney, the whole sinister patriarchal conspiracy thing is getting a bit old hat now …




2 Responses to “Mother Knows Best”

  1. discodiva79 September 17, 2012 at 12:57 am #

    I love how she is looking in the full length mirror. She has the biggest eyes & I just love her hair, I am so looking forward to this diorama! I have to tell you, I have been looking at the Merida doll & the one with the “smirk” is not easy to find-have you also found this to be true?

    • barbielea September 17, 2012 at 7:36 pm #

      I’ve not looked for this doll yet so I haven’t noticed. I will look into it!

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