She’s a Superstar

13 Oct

Here’s an old lady I got as part of a job lot. I spent some time this weekend cleaning her up, as she was a bit loft-grubby and she also had the most matted head of hair I have ever encountered (her and her partner in crime both), although it looked deceptively OK until I started trying to sort it out. I can’t work out if these dolls are harder to work on because their hair has had longer to mat up or whether its something to do with the type of hair that was used in the 80s.


She was also a complete pain in the arse to identify. I bought books, which I will probably come back to in another post, and I spent hours trawling the internet, all to no avail. I found lots of dolls who were kind of similar, but none of them had that distinctive fluorescent pink dot in the corner of the eye. After weeks and weeks of on-and-off looking (I hate it when I can’t identify a doll) I eventually found her … I’m pretty sure that she’s a Happy Birthday Barbie from 1983, at least she is the only doll I can find with the pink eye dots from this time period and she has the right hairstyle. This makes her 29, which, strangely enough, suits her pretty well I think, as these dolls never looked like teenagers to me.


She’s wearing modern Fashionista clothes and accessories. I’m actually not sure what I think of her Fashionista-over. Undoubtedly, it suits her – Superstar Barbies were the first to sport this flashy, neon-pink sort of look and they set the standard for all the others that followed. It was kind of fun, but its not really my favourite dolly look. I tried it with the other doll who came with her as well (one I could identify straight from the off and am very pleased to have in my collection) but it just didn’t suit her at all, so I’ll feature her another time when I have a better look planned for her.


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