Let Down Your Hair Part 3 – Doll Challenge Ultra Hair

14 Oct

I have wanted an Ultra Hair Barbie for quite some time, so imagine my frustration when I managed to get hold of one, and then found that her face paint had got spoiled.


As you can see, part of her mouth paint has been removed. Judging from the residue I found in the hairline, I think that clear glitter glue was probably to blame. Her hair is in great condition, though, and she is otherwise undamaged, so I decided a makeover was in order.

First I removed the remaining glitter glue and all of the face paint. I think at this point, I realised that actually, it might have been a whole lot simpler to just repair what was already there. However, I didn’t really regret it, as I need to practice my painting if I ever want to get better. I have always been curious about 90’s sculpt Barbies too – I wanted to know, is it possible to make them look like anything other than a nineties-sculpt Barbie? I have seen loads of makeovers of these dolls, and they always seem to end up looking just as starry-eyed and sweet as they did when they came out of the box, even if they have been made over as goths or whatever.

So I then repainted. I used my usual acrylic paints, with a little bit of a chalk pastel undercoating. I purposely set out to make the eyes smaller, and I think I have pretty much succeeded in making her look different. Overall, I was very pleased with this repaint and think that I have definitely improved since I first started painting. Next time, I might even try a re-paint of the first couple of dolls I did (I still feel that I owe them).

  • 20121014-155450.jpg

    However, the course of painting your dolly collection never runs smooth, or something. First off, I sealed it with my usual sealant. I did this straight away as I have left it too long on other dolls, and the paints have started to bleed a little as a consequence. I have had problems using sealant before, and this time I must have put too much on, or not let the paint dry enough, or used the wrong one, because she ended up with a slightly glossy (I'm sure I used the matt version!!) face with a dirty look to it. I managed to get most of this off without completely ruining my repaint, but it definitely looked better before and there are still traces of the dirty-looking residue. Sigh. Next time I plan to use a matt spray instead between coats, if anybody reading this has a product recommendation they can make I would love to hear it.

    Secondly, I have managed to lose the memory card for my camera. How I have managed this, I have no idea. But on the plus side, the boyf said I could use his camera until I can get a new one, and the photo quality is great. Thanks Mr Bat!



  • 4 Responses to “Let Down Your Hair Part 3 – Doll Challenge Ultra Hair”

    1. discodiva79 October 15, 2012 at 11:40 pm #

      WOW! She went from heroin chic to a brand new Barbie right off the shelf-very impressive! Work of an expert-simply AMAZING!

      • barbielea October 16, 2012 at 8:01 am #

        Haha think she looks more heroin chic now! I really haven’t done many repaints and Im definitely still making lots of mistakes (like the sealant this time round) so I’m still learning, in a very public way! But thanks very much for your encouragement 🙂

    2. bat6660 October 16, 2012 at 11:21 am #

      I think you did a fantastic job on the repaint, shame about the sealant. The doll looks more human with the eyes you have painted. The ones originally look quite awful. Use the camera for as long as you need x

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