The Fashionista Treatment

16 Oct

In preparation for a project I am planning, I rebodied my Star Skater Michelle Kwan onto a Fashionista body tonight. I took some pictures of her and my similarly rebodied Kimora Lee Simmons, planning to post them on Instagram, but they turned out so nice that I thought I would post them here as well.


There’s something so fascinating about dolls with pivotal bodies, especially to those of us who are used to more stiff-limbed Barbie dolls. Yes, I have other Fashionistas, but its not until I do a rebody that I realise how much more fun the Fashionista bodied dolls are to photograph. No wonder everybody is doing it. If I could afford to re-body my whole collection, I think I would. Actually, its the model muse body that irritates me the most – too skinny and completely stiff – and I am definitely going to try and replace all of these at some point. The only problem is the relatively limited range of body colours available. For instance, I am desperate to rebody my Stardoll Fallen Angel (who is currently on a Liv body, which is better but not quite gangly enough to properly fill the leopardskin tights) and my Barbie Basics Collection One Model Four,but unfortunately there are no Fashionistas to match their skin tones.



Kimora Lee got a relatively old “Glam” Fashionista body, as you can see by the dress (she was part of a second-hand job lot and I didn’t get the shoes to this outfit, I am afraid). Michelle Kwan has got a contemporary “Barbie” Fashionista body, and I was interested to note that her legs are noticeably skinnier than Kimora Lee’s. I think I prefer the curvy legs, how about you?



2 Responses to “The Fashionista Treatment”

  1. discodiva79 October 16, 2012 at 11:23 pm #

    You did an awesome job-I agree with the unlimited “posing” capabilities of the fashionista bodies. I did not know there was a Kimora doll or a Michelle-they are lovely! Why am I not in the loop?


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    […] Lea 18, Michelle Kwan star skater, who I rebodied a couple of weeks ago. Because of her original body’s spinning action, I couldn’t […]

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