Million Dollar Cams – Dragon’s Den

21 Oct

Yes, on the one hand I have only just recently featured Witch, but on the other, there’s so many of these things, I’m starting to feel like I will never catch up … plus, the boyf bought me the chocolate coins I asked for and I’ve got to use them before they get eaten.


Dragon Girl is an absolutely brilliant character and beautifully done, I love her scaly limbs and her tiny wings. I didn’t like her in the purple wig included in this set, though, as it contrasted too sharply with the over-pinkness of her skin (which is, I think, a flaw in several of the CAMs). She does look gorgeously evil with black hair, but in the end I plumped for this LIV wig with the matching green streaks. I also liked the black boots from this CAM set on her box sister, Werewolf girl, so I got her some Green Etsy shoes to go with her theme.

Upcoming in 2013, another dragon, Jinafire Long, is due to join the MH ranks and I have been thinking about how she relates to this doll. At first, I thought you could see Dragon Girl as an early version of Jinafire, but then I realised that other CAMs include a werewolf who isn’t Clawdeen and a vampire who isn’t Draculaura, so I suppose not. O well, looking forward to Jinafire anyway …

More to follow!




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