Fashion Fever Raquelle

13 Nov


I bought this beautiful Raquelle as one of a lot of 3 Fashion Fever Barbies for the grand sum of six quid, with postage. This was definitely one of my best buys of the year. When they arrived, I found that they were perfectly clean and obviously never undressed, as their bags were still attached to their hands just like they would have been in the box. This sort of buy always makes me curious about where they came from. Was it a little girl with no interest in dolls? A collector who decided not to collect after all? A de-boxer who took photos and immediately sold them on? Surely not. Still, whoever’s loss is certainly my gain.

Raquelle is a relatively late FF doll, dating from about 2007. Her Summer face sculpt has been given incredible blue eyes and rather over-the-top glitter lips, and her outfit is realistic and detailed – I particularly love her red velvet choker and her stack heels with the red innersoles. Speaking of her sculpt, its interesting and actually quite crazy how interchangeable the names and the sculpts are. Contemporary Fashionistas feature this sculpt, but call the doll “Theresa” (a name that has been attached to several other sculpts). Meanwhile, Raquelle also makes an appearance, but with a completely different sculpt. I’m starting to believe that Mattel must be doing this on purpose to keep us all on our toes …




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