Dolls’ Dolls (or, Lea 21 and a quarter)

16 Nov

Ever since I read this post at Riches to Resin, I have been thinking about the issue of dolls for my dolls. What could be cuter than your collection developing a collection of its own?

I have a doll’s doll house, which I love (unfortunately, so does my three year old son, in fact he has pretty much loved it to pieces). I also have made a foray into Lalapaloosyland, probably one of the most suitable sources of dolls for your dolls because they are designed to look like rag dolls rather than like little people. My son was taken with these too and now the lovely set I invested in is scattered to the four corners of the toy cupboard. I have been rescuing and hiding it bit by bit, and if I get it all back I will post about it. Which is a big “if”. I’m not complaining, however. I never want to be precious about my collection with my son, as he is usually quite gentle (unless you are a plastic doll’s house) and after all, he’s a child and they are toys. There’s a few of the older ones I wouldn’t want him to play with, but mostly its the props rather than the dolls that interest him anyway. And the good thing is, because he is so fond of little tiny plastic figures, I have a nice readily available source of toys for photoshoots featuring my more junior dolls, so sharing goes both ways.

Anyway, my latest discount buy has been these two Polly Pockets:



Sorry about the rubbish photos, by the way, I took the pictures last night and forgot to check how they came out before I opened the packets. I’ve never owned any Polly Pockets before (although anybody who follows me on Instagram knows that I am rather fond of Cutants) and I am quite impressed with them. Note that the orange-haired doll is called Lea! They make large dolls for my ten-inch dolls, but I think the big eyes and stiff limbs look suitably toylike. I did this little scene today featuring my Pet Pals Courtney and my first ever big-eyed Skipper (which may have been a cheerleading doll? Opinions welcome).




I got the backgammon board they are playing with out of a cracker – I know this isn’t a new prop idea, as I’ve seen this board for sale on eBay as a “doll board game” at an inflated price by some cheeky chancer, bless. Courtney wears a great outfit from a High School Musical doll which I picked up from a car boot sale, and Skipper wears a vintage outfit that I bought recently for one of my Hasbro Sindys, but then found it was too small for. She also wears Liv shoes, which are just a shade big for her but stay on her feet OK.


4 Responses to “Dolls’ Dolls (or, Lea 21 and a quarter)”

  1. tagidoll November 18, 2012 at 7:19 am #

    I love that Doll’s doll house, whats it from? The Polly Pockets look great, makes me start to think that Pinky St would look great as Doll’s dolls too…which is just what I need ha!

    • barbielea November 18, 2012 at 10:22 am #

      The doll’s dollhouse was a fabulous buy from The Pound Shop (discount store where everything costs one English pound, don’t know if you have something similar?). I liked it so much I bought three – two for me and one for my son, as I knew he would covet it. Unfortunately he has managed to damage all three, and they don’t sell them any more!

      Actually, I think I have seen Pinky St used as dolls’ dolls on Instagram … Not sure, i dont know much about them, they’re the little anime figures, is that right? Very cute! More doll’s dolls to come, best wishes 🙂

  2. Teresa November 25, 2012 at 5:59 pm #

    What a cute little scene! I love how you put it together with the Backgammon board.

    • barbielea November 25, 2012 at 7:22 pm #

      Hi Teresa. I think I put just as much effort into finding appropriate props as I do finding dolls! But unless you get lucky, they tend to be expensive or very hard to find. Think next year I might try my hand at making some stuff! Anyway – thanks, glad you liked it.

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