Flavas – Tre

22 Nov

I have owned this boxed Tre for at least eighteen months, which has proved to be just too long. When I debox dolls pretty quickly after buying them, I don’t really worry about whether I should leave them because of their rarity or age. However, I have found that the longer they stay in my collection in this condition, the harder I find it to open the box. With Tre, I have kept putting it off, but in the end I decided he really needed to be out for Christmas.


Flavas are a line that has really grown on me. Yes, in some ways they are completely cringeworthy, but in others they were quality toys and ahead of their time. They have great poseable bodies and there’s so much detail included compared to mainstream fashion dolls like Barbie. My Tre not only has a great man-bag, he has a leather-effect belt, pockets on his baggy pants that really open and – this has chuffed me no end – he is actually wearing socks.


Tre’s box transforms into a street scene, the idea was to buy all the dolls and line up the backgrounds so they could all “hang” together (honestly, not my word and not my quotation marks either – Mattel, how could you act like everybody’s embarrassing middle-aged uncle, trying to use slang then putting quotation marks round it??). Here he is in his scene:


I’m so pleased with him, I can almost overlook the grey eyes – I still think that the males have better faces than the females in this line. Some Flavas are becoming very collectable now, and I think that I will carry on picking them up when I can find them.





2 Responses to “Flavas – Tre”

  1. Samara February 1, 2017 at 8:38 pm #

    I bought this today, but the clothes are totally different, but I just love him anyway 🙂

    • barbielea February 2, 2017 at 5:55 pm #

      There were a few releases, Samara – I think in one he had bleach blonde hair (soooo early 2000s). Congrats, he’s a great doll.

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