Sindy Special 15 – Super Star Sindy

23 Nov

Here’s my new Hasbro Sindy, Super Star from 1988. Her tinsel hair makes her an unusual one, and super easy to identify. I particularly like these dolls when they are tanned, which is strange because I generally prefer pale dolls. So I am very pleased with her.


I bought her without her original gold trouser suit and pink teeshirt, but I do like her in this outfit. The outfit turned up with a load of Sindy clothes that I won on eBay. It is simply labelled “made in China” so as far as I can tell, its neither Barbie or Sindy, but I’m no clothes expert so any opinions on this are welcome (come on, you know how much these things irritate me). I chose it for her because it goes so well with her hair, and it pretty much sums up fashion at the time that she was made as far as I am concerned. When I was about twelve (1987) I remember throwing a massive hissy fit because we had to go on a class trip with school and all my clothes were seventies hand-me-downs from my cousins. My parents, bless them, took me to the shops and got me a new outfit for the trip that very evening. It was a pair of very pale blue loose-fit jeans and a pink and blue teeshirt in exactly the same shape as Super Star Sindy’s in these pictures. I felt so modern and grown-up wearing it.

This is one of the things I love about Sindy – her fashion was always contemporary and realistic without being boring. Also, her clothes were clothes that girls could aspire to wear, rather than fantasy wardrobes like that of Barbie, who has always worn clothes that it might be OK to dream about, but for the most part you wouldn’t want to walk down the street dressed like that. When you think about it, it must be such a difficult balance to achieve, to make clothes for a doll who is both “the girl next door” and “the doll you love to dress” but Pedigree and also Hasbro (for a while, anyway) managed it so well.



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