December Giveaway

1 Dec


Its December yet again! My 1993 Barbie Calendar informs me that today is the day for posting Christmas cards. You might remember that last year, this is when I started my blog-based Christmas celebrations. Looking back on it, I think I got a bit carried away (Christmas for a twelfth of the year??) so this time round, I’m going to scale it back a bit by starting my Christmas posts in the middle of December.

My Christmas theme for this year is going to be based around family. I have lots of great ideas and I just hope I’m up to carrying them through. The problem is, since I had my son nearly four years ago, I’ve been experiencing some kind of problem with my hands where they get painful and numb in cold weather or if I use them a lot, so I will have to settle for doing as much as I can. Well, they’re not too bad right now and I’ve been working on one particular project, which I’m planning to give away to one of you … I’m planning on featuring this project in my Christmas eve post, but I’m advertising this now so that I can post it out in mid December – you might even get it for Christmas! I’m not going to tell you what it is, exactly, but here’s some clues:

* Its not a doll, its a prop.
* Its small, so it will require hardly any storage space.
* Its Christmas themed, but you could use it other times too.
* Its going to be suitable for use with a range of doll sizes, from maybe 8 inches to 30 inches.
* I’ve not featured anything like it before.
* Its functional, as in, it doesn’t just look like a miniature item, it IS a miniature item.
* Its made of good quality materials, I’ve started it already and I think it looks pretty good, and its going to take me several more nights’ work.

Look at it this way, you have nothing to lose as its completely free! Right now, I am full of the old Christmas spirit and want to offer my readers something nice. I am happy to post it to anywhere in the world. I am also considering some runner-up prizes, but we will have to see if I get the time to make them (I know what they would be). Do I even have to tell you I won’t use your information for any purposes other than this giveaway, or pass it to anybody? Well, I won’t.

I am going to let this run until December the 14th, when I’ll pick a name out of a hat and then contact the winner. If you’re a regular reader (or a new one!), whether you are a commenter or a lurker (and I believe there are plenty of you out there) please feel free to submit the form attached to this post. All I ask is that you’re subscribed to my blog, or you subscribe before you enter (sign up to follow by email, or follow on WordPress).

Best wishes and happy December! (and thanks as well to Kewpiedoll83 for the idea)


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