Lea 22 – Basics Collection One Model 5

24 Jan


I got this Lea-faced Basic in the January sales last year – I had been looking out for her since I returned to collecting. I already had most of the Basics I wanted apart from her by this point, and I haven’t bought any since. Collection one was great, and I would still buy some of the dolls I don’t have from this wave if I saw them for a reasonable price. I wasn’t as impressed with collection two, but to a lesser extent, same deal. I don’t have anything from collection three, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they are very hard to find in the UK and I would probably have to resort to ordering from an American seller, which would mean import taxes would become an issue. Secondly, I really didn’t see anything from this wave that I couldn’t live without, as they didn’t do anything startlingly different with the sculpts and I didn’t like the coloured swimsuits (I think that metallic lamé would have worked much better). I would never say never, but I wouldn’t go out of my way, either.

A couple of years ago, I started looking at dolls online after about a decade’s break from collecting. Model 5 was a bit of a revelation for me, I couldn’t believe how un-barbie-like and downright stylish she was. I think that she has probably been one of the most popular Basics, as she has always attracted good money on the reseller market. However, in some ways I think that she has become a little too popular. Its hard to take a photo of her that doesn’t look like a million and one other photos on the internet, and amongst people who know about collectable Barbies I just think she’s become a bit of a cliché. I’m sure that in time, she’ll be a classic. But right now, I wanted to photograph her wearing something other than her LBD uniform.

Model 5 wears a second-hand red swing top, probably made for a non-barbie as it is too small for playline. She wears Fashionista Accessory Pack shoes and necklace, and carries a Basics Accessory Pack bag. Her palazzo pants and matching scarf came from an eBay seller who made them by hand, I think they have a lovely twenties kind of look to them.



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