Reading Part 8 – Sindy Annual 1985

25 Jan

I spent a lot of my childhood reading my big sister’s Pink, Judy and Jackie annuals, so I’m on pleasingly familiar territory with this old Sindy annual. The format is basically the same – comic strips, interviews, pop profiles, two or three page long stories, beauty tips. One of the things I find particularly interesting about the Sindy annual is the way it is all written from Sindy, straight to you. Sindy is the one conducting the interviews with Wham, the Emanuels (the couple who designed Princess Di’s Wedding Dress as well as designing clothes for Sindy) and Zoe Bates (a Showjumper). Even on the puzzle page, its Sindy who says “Hi! Do you like doing puzzles? I do. I think they’re great fun.”



The above pictures show Sindy as a doll, wearing the Emanuel dresses. Some of the other pictures show Sindy as a doll, for instance this one on a page of haircare tips (just visible is her “Cherry Pop” outfit, which I featured a little while ago):


But Sindy is also shown as an animated, human character in the comic strips, which are beautifully drawn. I think that they interpret Sindy very well and I like the way that in different comic strips she is shown as a blonde and a brunette, again wearing clothes that would have been familiar to children with Sindy collections:




One thing that I always liked about girl’s annuals in the 1980s was their proletariat leanings, and as Sindy is the “girl next door”, her annual is no exception. Yes, Sindy showjumps and skis, but she holidays at the British Seaside and she’s an expert on how to diet and exercise on the cheap (“it hardly costs me anything”). The last comic strip sees Sindy going head-to-head with the local snob, “Thelma Harcourt of Harcourt Hall”. Sindy wins, of course, and we all cheer … I love this album, and I will definitely be trying to get hold of more.



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