Summer in Winter

31 Jan

Considering how sculpts relate to names is often a complicated business. For example, here are four Summers from my collection:


The first Summer (sitting down, on the left) is one of my favourite Fashionistas. The second Summer (standing, next left) is a later-wave Summer, and although her colouring is the same as the first Summer’s, she has been given a different sculpt with a pointier chin and a more realistic nose. Her painting is better and she looks more grown-up, but I still prefer the first version. In fact, I only bought the second Summer because I planned to steal her clothes and boots and to use her for a rebody, although I might keep her after all now as I think she looks much better out of her original outfit, which didn’t suit her at all.


The next Summer (standing, third from the left) is not a Summer at all, but a Raquelle. This is the other name for her particular sculpt, which was assigned the name Raquelle in the Fashion Fever line. I love this Raquelle’s colouring, which is such a contrast with the colouring of the original Summer (sitting, last from the left). I do love this Horseriding Cali Girl, and I will be showing her off in her original clothes when the weather gets better and I can go back to taking photos outdoors.


Summer one wears her own boots, a fur coat from an eBay seller, and a dress I made a couple of years ago.
Summer two wears her own boots, Barbie fashion pack jacket and a unbranded skirt.
Summer three wears her own shoes, a 2009 fashion pack dress and a long white coat which was “borrowed” from an Ali G doll.
Summer four wears her own cowboy boots, a pair of trousers from a 2009 fashion pack and a sweater I picked up second hand (I think it probably came from a Moxie Girl).

ADDITIONAL: I really don’t like the later-wave Fashionista Summer in these pictures. Back to the original plan of using her for a rebody, I think


2 Responses to “Summer in Winter”

  1. amystika18n August 24, 2015 at 10:04 pm #

    My favorite Summer ever is Fashionistas In the Spotlight Summer (the one I’ve redressed and used on my blog). She looks slightly like your least fave from this post, but with heavier makeup-bright pink lips and turquoise eyeshadow-to match her turquoise and pink gown.


  1. Basics Makeover – Part One | barbiebeauties - May 25, 2013

    […] Her skin tone was a little darker, so I decided to use a Fashionista – actually, I used the Summer I originally bought to do a rebody, then toyed with the idea of keeping her, then realised I […]

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