Ghost of Christmas Presents – I Love Fashion Frankie and Abbey

8 Feb


I wanted to post about these dolls individually, but I have realised that if I do this I am unlikely to finish off my Christmas present posts before March, and that’s just a bridge too far. These TRU exclusive dolls were not widely available before Christmas in the UK, and the boyf had them imported from America for me (thanks again love). They were a big deal to me mostly because this Frankie is my favourite Frankie yet, and I just fell in love with her as soon as I saw her. I love the new take on her hair, which takes her to a whole new level of monstrosity. Her eye-heavy makeup and blue lips contrast beautifully with her mint-green skin, which is definitely more vivid than the skin of other Frankies. The boyf got me Abbey too because with his own collections he is a “set person” – he has to have all of the line, or none of it. As I don’t have any other Abbeys, its nice to finally get an example of this doll (I did feature an Abbey a little bit ago, but unusually for me, she wasn’t my doll).

The downside to both these dolls seems to be the production quality. You will notice from the photos that both have lip rubs:


There was smearing of the lip colour to the plastic cellophane on the front of both boxes. I presume that both dolls were boxed while their paint was still wet (does anybody know if this is normal practice in doll manufacture?) and the box was made too shallow to prevent the wet doll face getting crushed against the cellophane at some point during the transportation process. Surely quality control should have picked up on this? Other quality issues: Abbey’s body is very stiff indeed and her limbs and head are difficult to pose. Frankie’s hair plugs seem quite thin and its easy to disturb her hairstyle so you can see the scalp underneath, not something I have ever noticed with Monster Highs before. She also has a couple of small factory marks, one on her leg and one on her face, which I will have to try removing at some point. And also, these are the first MH dolls I have purchased who come without a stand or a hairbrush, or both.

On the other hand, both sets of outfits are superb and beautifully designed. I particularly like the way that Frankie’s waistcoat and Abbey’s black overskirt are removable and can be used to create yet more variety of looks. The designers have obviously thought about creating a decent play/ display experience. And of course, the extra shoes are going to come in very handy for my shodding my CAMs.




Overall, I would give these sets a big fat 10 for design, even the boxes were beautifully done. Even though the boyf paid a higher price because of the need to import, I still think that they also represent excellent value for money – there are a generous number of accessories and oufits included. Despite the quality issues, I would definitely be very interested in any other “I Love Fashion” dolls that might crop up in the future. I vote Ghoulia and Rochelle for the next ones, although a male “I Love Fashion” MH would be very welcome too.


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