Happy Birthday Barbie 2013

9 Mar

Last year, I forgot Barbie’s birthday while I was messing round with a Totsy clone makeover, and to be honest I nearly did it this year too. In a fit of unprecedented organisation I had planned and photographed for all this weekend’s posts on Friday, completely forgetting about the happy day (and also forgetting about UK Mother’s day tomorrow, which usually merits a special post as well). Well, I snatched it back from the brink and here is my photographic equivalent of flowers from the petrol station. She’ll never suspect a thing.


My birthday girl is my childhood Barbie, miraculously recovered from my sister last year. I bought her back her original Pretty Changes jumpsuit, although I am still hoping to find her own original outfit in my Parent’s attic some time. I’ve had to do some messing with this photo because she has been molded in an unusual fluorescent pink colour. Her neck is actually broken because I spent a lot of my childhood popping her head off and pretending she was a ghost carrying it under her arm etc, and I must have bust the pin to hold her head on. My sister has glued it back on so she can’t really pose very well any more. I’ve looked everywhere for a replacement body for her, but I just can’t find a match for that vivid pink, if anybody knows of a body donor who might do, please leave me a message (and you’ll get extra brownie points if its pivotal, I’d love that!). The present she is carrying is a great loft find. I think it dates from the 1990s, originally it had a bracelet inside it but my son got hold of it and I don’t have a clue where its got to now.

Anyway, happy birthday, old lady, and many more to come …



2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Barbie 2013”

  1. Teresa March 14, 2013 at 12:39 am #

    Beautiful doll. I think she looks great! The dolls from our childhood are the best 🙂

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