Ghost of Christmas Presents – Ghouls Rule Cleo

14 Mar

Well, I didn’t manage to feature all my Christmas dolls by the end of February, in fact I remembered that I have another one after this one to write about too. Never mind …

Well. I asked for two Ghouls Rule dolls for Christmas and to be honest, in some ways I kind of regretted it later. My Clawdeen had great makeup/ hair, but there were some quality issues with her production and although I like her outfit, it is a little fussy. Same goes, only to a greater extent, with my Ghouls Rule Cleo:


What’s the problem, you say? And you are quite right. She has a GREAT face. She shares her sculpt with Frankie, so perhaps its not surprising that I think she’s one of the prettiest dolls from the Monster High crew. I’m not sure if I’m imagining it, but from Skull Shores onwards it has seemed to me as if the way she is painted has been slightly changed, giving her a more sullen, narrow-eyed look that is charmingly gothic. And her Ghouls Rule wave hair is a tinselled bob with a slight bouffant at the back, very cute. All this is why I wanted her so much.

On the other hand, I am not very fond of her outfit. Yes, it looks pretty good in photos, but in real life I’m not convinced. Her HUGE ornate necklace has a train of chiffon strips floating from the back, and it just seems to me that when added to her fancy fishtail dress, its the sartorial equivalent of a two foot high ice cream sundae with sprinkles AND chocolate chips AND raspberry sauce AND a flake in it. With TWO cherries on the top. Amazing! But eventually, it’ll make you feel a bit sick … Worst of all, the blue strips hanging from her skirt have a habit of revolving round to show the white backing. Maybe this is all part of the designer’s plan, but I think it just looks cheap and it irritates me.

I have no intention of getting rid of her outfit. It doesn’t take up much space or anything, and I don’t absolutely hate it, but I did want to try her in something else. Firstly, I dressed her in some bits and pieces from the doll drawers, but as you probably know, Monster High do not look good in the clothes of most of the dolls from my collection. The best things I could find, by which I mean the only things that kind of fit, were some Bratz odds and ends and a Sharpei jacket, but it didn’t look good so I didn’t bother taking pictures. I had some second-hand Bratz stuff coming through the post anyway, so I tried her (and Clawdeen too) in some of these. This worked out a little better, but I still wasn’t convinced:


Then, for Mother’s day I received the Gorgon and Mummy CAM pack. I don’t plan on using either of the two dresses included in this pack on the CAMs themselves, as I think the outfit colouring together with the colour-schemes of the dolls looks too fussy. However, it soon occurred to me that I had two monsters with appropriate colour-schemes/ themes in dire need of some simple dresses. Problem solved!




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