Million Dollar CAMs – Vampire Girl

27 Mar

The Vampire/ Sea Monster CAM pack has caused me no end of trouble. Vampire Girl has been slightly easier to sort out than her companion, but not by much. Still, I got there in the end:


I didn’t like the box wig on her. I didn’t like the box clothes on her (Witch Girl is wearing them currently). I didn’t like her purple and red face paint. So, I put her in a drawer and left it for about six months.

When I got her out again, I rebodied her onto a Draculaura body and I had a re-think about her face paint/ colour scheme. Well, it was good enough for Mackie’s Countess Dracula so I decided it was best not to start messing with it after all. I got her a little Bratz dress (its actually a pyjama top), but the hair was still a problem. I looked at Etsy and eBay wigs and couldn’t see anything I liked, and I considered re-rooting her or making my own wig, but I’m just not up to it right now. Finally, I received the answer in the Mummy/ Gorgon CAM pack, as there was a perfect purple and black wig included that was surplus to my requirements.



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