Holiday Barbie Makeover

5 May

As soon as I saw the toybox in my son’s room at the holiday cottage, I was pretty confident that I was going to find a battered-up Barbie. Yep, there she was – in amongst the grubby baby dolls and the dress-ups, a generic late nineties/ early noughties model with chewed feet, ratty hair and (this was a particularly nice touch) a bit of nail varnish on her face. Here she is with a Bratz companion, who I may sort out later – Bratz are really not my thing but it seems unfair to discriminate in the face of such adversity:


I had a little chat with myself about it (“you’re on holiday, will you PLEASE just leave it!”) but out of all the doll-related tasks there are, battered doll makeovers are the most fun and (depending on the condition of the doll) the quickest. All it took was a little wash, some conditioner on the hair followed by a good brush through, and some carefully applied nail varnish remover. This probably amounted to somewhere in the region of ten minutes’ work, but it made a big difference.

Holiday Barbie was still naked. I found two items of Barbie clothing in the chest, neither amounting to a full outfit and both pretty much destroyed. Well, I had come on holiday with the intention of doing some sewing, so when we went to town I popped into the charity shop and purchased some baby trousers from the clearance bin for 50p. After about an hour and a half’s work, I had a dress (made in the easiest way I know – see this post for details if you are interested). Here she is now:



(Sorry about the grainy quality of the photos, the light was just starting to go when I finished). Of course, I’m going to be leaving her here – I haven’t quite reached the point where I am stealing dolls from random toyboxes, and even if I had, she’s not my usual sort of thing. The dress is going to stay with her too (although my largesse does not extend to leaving the shoes and the heart sunglasses from my maritime fashion pack that she is wearing in these pictures). I’m sure she’ll be back to scruffy and naked within the year, but at least she’ll get to avoid the landfill for a little bit longer …


4 Responses to “Holiday Barbie Makeover”

  1. discodiva1979 May 6, 2013 at 11:42 pm #

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Avoiding the landfill and doll indulgence is all that matters-good for you! Enjoy! Wonderful dress btw!

  2. littlebearries May 8, 2013 at 5:01 am #

    She really looks fantastic!

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