Scaris So Far

1 Jun

So, I’m still two dolls off my goal with this wave at the moment and very much aware that 13 Wishes seems to be on the shelves in the States, meaning it will be over here at some point in the next few months (probably just in time for the school summer holidays, I’m betting). But I’ve got bored of waiting to debox the Scaris dolls I do have, and its nice to post about things while they are fresh in your mind. Here’s what I have acquired so far …



I got Skelita first, back when Scaris was first released in the UK. Can you believe I didn’t debox her until this afternoon? I was experiencing a bit of congestion in the doll drawers (now relieved by additional storage space) and I didn’t want her to end up crushed. Also, the Scaris boxes are some of the nicest ever, so she was actually lovely to look at in the box and I didn’t feel the same urgency to take her out. Skelita was a priority for me. I think it was a great idea to make a skeleton a core character – the CAM skeleton is hands-down my favourite CAM so far. I think Skelita is a little more cartoony than the CAM, which isn’t to my taste, but she’s still a great doll. From reading reviews I got a heads-up that she was wearing a piece of plastic to hold her clothes in place, and I am a little concerned about this. She can’t sit down with it in place so it will have to be removed at some point. I just hope her clothes still hang nicely when its gone. The only other criticism I have of this doll is that she had one of the worst cases of box hair I have ever seen and she still looks a bit messy after a brushing. Sometimes, hair just flattens and smooths out over time once a doll has been deboxed. I hope this happens with Skelita.

Anyway, I really liked the booklet that came with this doll too. Usually the booklets are pretty dull for an old fogey like me (“OMG! BFF!!” etc etc) but this one contained some really nice illustrations, which is a much better approach as far as I am concerned:




I managed to pick up Deuce from a supermarket for the RRP, which I was rather pleased about. He’s meant to be pretty rare and attracts relatively high prices on the reseller market. This is my first Deuce, and I love him. He has a great face and his snake hair is spectacular. However, I wish that they had thought his outfit through a bit more. There are the girls, all glammed up to the nines, and what’s he wearing? Shorts and teeshirt! I’m just not buying it – a cynical part of me feels that its an attempt to cut down on cost by making outfits out of pieces of material that are as small as possible, a bit like all the budget beach dolls of the nineties. Long pants next time, please Mattel! Its not much to ask, really …




I bought Catrine from a reseller on eBay. There was no other way of getting her, and there was no chance of me passing her over, either. I just couldn’t. There’s something so great about the idea of a cat doll and Catrine is everything I think a cat doll should be – elegant, feminine, beautiful. I didn’t particularly like the Werecat Twin’s style (although I would still buy them if they turned up for a reasonable price) and I loved the concept of Toralei but when I was confronted with the actual doll I thought she looked cheaply manufactured. This certainly isn’t a problem with Catrine, who is beautifully detailed. I love her “paintbrush” heels and the fact that her bag (like Deuce’s) opens and closes. Catrine has to be one of my favourite Monster Highs ever, and I was very pleased to read that there are other cats due to be added to the line in the future – let’s hope that they are all this good.

I had been mulling over Frankie for a while. I’m really not sure about the quality of her outfit (apart from those amazing boots) and I don’t like buying just for the sake of it. But I found her for a bargain knock-down price and now I’m happy that I did. Her curls are delightful and I love the dark blue lips. Her suitcase is also really good – I love the way it opens on a zigzag edge, how’s that for attention to detail? I have come to realise that Frankie is probably my favourite of all the original MH lineup, and I should be buying more of her.




Deboxing them all in one go has actually been a lot of fun. I might do it again sometime, if I can muster the willpower to leave future purchases in the box for a while. Anyway, a few more pictures of Scaris to finish off with:








6 Responses to “Scaris So Far”

  1. Andrea June 5, 2013 at 1:11 am #

    You had quite a deboxing feast. They are all adorable. That Scaris Street Scene looks like a perfect backdrop for pictures. The outfits in Skelitas book look very lovely. I wonder if they will be availble.

    • barbielea June 5, 2013 at 8:36 am #

      Hi Andrea. The Scaris street scene is backing in the packaging, and it is just lovely. The artwork on MH packaging just gets better and better, I’m interested to see how 13 Wishes is packaged.

      I’ve been wondering the same thing about the Skelita outfits! It would be great if Mattel started selling three packs of outfits for MHs like they do for Barbie, as long as they did this without making them extravagantly priced – but I don’t think they will. As we’ve discussed on a different post, they seem to aim to sell dolls in new outfits primarily, whereas Barbie and her fashion packs have a big historical tradition … Well, we can dream …

  2. tagidoll June 15, 2013 at 7:01 am #

    I’m going to need to hit up eBay for Catrine as well, so happy to see yours showcased!

    • barbielea June 15, 2013 at 9:34 am #

      Hi Tagi, how you doing? I highly recommend Catrine, go get her! Hoping she shows up in other waves too, and very much looking forward to Catty Noir (despite the rubbish name). Nice to hear from you 🙂

      • tagidoll June 16, 2013 at 2:58 am #

        Ah yes, Catty Noir…another one I will need to scour eBay for due to my strange love for cat dolls. XD I’ve also overpaid for a pre-order on Webarella because SPIDERS ARE AWESOME!

        I’ve been lurking, but no real energy for photos and posts though as I had been working two jobs and just recently got a new full time job. Hopefully when I get more settled in that will change. I have so many things I could post about tbh >_>

      • barbielea June 17, 2013 at 8:29 am #

        Sorry to hear you’ve been pushed for time, good luck with your new job. You should definitely get back to your blog, you do great posts.

        Actually, I have the same (small!!) issue with Webarella and Catty – I’m just not sure about the midnight black head/ body … Suppose I will have to see them in the plastic first. Both are brilliant concepts, so I’ll probably buy them regardless. Best wishes 🙂

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