Disney Designer Villains – Ursula

1 Jul

I haven’t featured a Disney Villain for a while now, so tonight I thought that I would post about Ursula, the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid …


I’ve not been happy with most of the pictures I have taken of my other dolls from this collection. I just find dolls in the box so difficult to photograph and I seem to have consistently got the lighting wrong, so I’ve taken Ursula outside for these pictures, which has worked out a bit better.

At first I wasn’t sure about Ursula but now I’ve got her, I actually think that she is one of the better DDVs. Her frothy dress and candyfloss hairdo are nicely done and although I can’t say I really LIKE her face, I think she’s an interesting take on the character. She stirred up a bit of controversy at the time of her release because Disney had “slimmed her down” as part of the glamming-up all the female villains received. Obviously, this implies that larger ladies can’t be glamorous. Well. Usually, I would be thinking “but they HAVE to make all Disney dolls with the same body shape, so that they fit in standard clothes!!” but I’m afraid this excuse doesn’t wash this time round. These dolls do not come with a display stand as such, and I think that really they are designed to be left in the box. So, if she’s not really meant to be taken out, played with and redressed, it wouldn’t really have mattered if they had opted to make Ursula a little rounder. Or a lot rounder, for that matter. In fact, I think if she were fatter she would have made a fabulously interesting doll.

That said, I really do like the skinny Ursula as well This is probably at least partly because (unlike a few of the others) she can be posed, to a limited extent, while she is in the box because her head and hands can be moved. This made for a relatively happy photo session.






4 Responses to “Disney Designer Villains – Ursula”

  1. Andrea July 3, 2013 at 12:21 pm #

    Interesting she is, but I also would have preferred a doll closer to the movie character’s features.

    I don’t think they slimmed her down, to make her fit into regular dresses. My guess is, they thought making a fuller body would be too costly. It is costing time to change the mold on the machines and they saved a lot of material with the slim body. In the end profit counts more than likeness.

    • barbielea July 4, 2013 at 6:33 pm #

      Hi Andrea – good point. I still think its a shame. Does that mean no plump dolls ever, then? I’d like a bit of variety really …

      Arghh! No internet this weekend – not quite sure how I’m going to cope! So no posting. Can’t even post tonight, because I’ve got no batteries in my camera to take photos 😦 sigh … well, I suppose I will have to content myself by doing some dolly jobs in my free hours instead …

      • Andrea July 5, 2013 at 9:27 am #

        If we want dolls with fuller bodies, we have to make our own changes to the bodies. Aside from Grandma, Raven (at least they have articulated arms) and Rosie (pity, she’s a stiffie) there are not many alternatives.

        I hope dolly jobs keep you distracted. No internet for a couple of days and we notice how much it became a part of our life.

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