Bratzillaz – Victoria Antique

18 Jan

Right, I kind of failed to abstain from buying dolls in January. I did pretty well up until Friday, mostly because I actually didn’t have any money spare for dolls. That changed on Friday when I found myself with just enough for a little treat and I just plain forgot about my resolution, honest I did.


I found Victoria Antique, one of the new introductions in the House of Witchez wave, in my favourite discount shop. I think she represents progress for the line and I just hope its not too late to save it – I certainly enjoy getting these dolls at a mark-down but I’m starting to like them more and more and I’d hate to see them disappear altogether. Yes, Victoria is clearly inspired by the popularity of Monster High’s Jinafire and Viperine, but I don’t mind that as she’s not a straight copy of either doll, and I like the concept anyway.



From the back of the box, I found that Victoria’s special power is the ability to make old things new. Imagine how useful that would be for a doll collector – no more renovations 🙂 I actually prefer her colour scheme to a lot of the recent Monster High offerings, which tend to be a bit pinkcentric for my taste. The mix of peach, orange, yellow, green and black is surprising, but it works really well and I noticed that the materials used are better quality than the outfits of the other Bratzillaz I own. Her fiery eyes with the vertical slit are what really drew me to this doll, though – they’re really striking.

I decided to make some changes from her factory hairstyle and outfit, nothing I couldn’t change back if I didn’t like it. Firstly, her factory hairstyle is very inventive and stylish, but like Gigi we had raw band showing, and worse:


At the back, it turned out that quite a lot of the end of her hair had not been braided, so she had a kind of sticky-out tuft on either side that looked really messy. I suppose I could have continued the plait down further on either side and put them back into their loops, but first I tried her with plaits left in, but down rather than up in loops:



I think this looked quite good, but the plaits were bent out of shape and I didn’t think they would ever hang right. So I gave her some bunches instead:



These are still quite unruly but I like the wave in them and I think that with repeated water-spritzing and brushing through, they will calm down even further. I like! Like the other Bratzillaz, her little witch hat was banded to her head rather than sewn on so it is removeable, although probably a bit too fragile for a child to play with. This is good, as I don’t think it goes with the rest of her colour scheme so I prefer it off. I cut off the horrible school badge on the shoulder of her outfit – this is not replaceable, but I really didn’t like it at all so I didn’t care. I also experimented with taking her earrings out, which are that kind of plastic gold I don’t like (although her bangle and the thread in her belt is a truer gold) but in the end I was annoyed by the huge holes this left in her ears so I put them back in. Strange that some of her accessories are better quality than others – I particularly like her snake shoes, which are not not quite as clever and well-executed as Monster High shoes, but not far behind either:


Another great doll joins the fold … I don’t think I’m done with Bratzillaz yet either.




5 Responses to “Bratzillaz – Victoria Antique”

  1. Andrea January 20, 2014 at 5:57 pm #

    She is cute and I also like her outfit. Especially that body-blouse. Her eyes are bewitching.

    Sometimes I think that resolutions are just made to be broken as soon as possible. My resolution was not to buy any more Playline dolls at full retail price. That glue in the heads business bugs me too much. So what happens first time this year when I got to the toy store? I see Raquelle and they whole line is marked down to 9.99. There went my resolution 😀

    • barbielea January 20, 2014 at 10:19 pm #

      Hi Andrea 🙂 yes, I love her little shirt/ jacket thing, and I like the fact that its removable from the rest of the outfit. She’s very nearly my favourite Bratzilla – I have two more yet to feature who are my very favourites!

      Your resolution – so you did kind of stick to it – she wasn’t full price, she was on sale! There’s always a loophole if you look hard enough 🙂 WTH I think, I managed 15 days, and I’ve abstained since although there’s a number of things I’m dying to get …

  2. chicovintage January 21, 2014 at 4:40 pm #

    Wow, she´s gorgeous! When I first saw her I had encountered feelings.. I love everything that is related to oriental culture, but she looks too halloween costume to me… till I watch your photos… she is so beautiful…BTW, how much did she cost???

    • barbielea January 23, 2014 at 7:39 pm #

      Ah, I thought you might like her Chico! She was £9 – what was a doll collector supposed to do, I ask you??


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