… And Three Frankies …

18 May

Continuing my theme of threes for my three year blogoversary, here’s three Frankie Steins that I have acquired over the last few months. I promised myself that I wasn’t going to go into the back catalogue, but I just love Frankie so much I can’t help it. Anyway, I got some bargains in the two older dolls – Ghouls Rule Frankie came from a discount shop and cost me £12.99 and Sweet 1600 cost me £10 in the box on eBay. Unfortunately, she’s the re-release of this character so she is slightly different to the first Sweet 1600 Frankie, but £10! Worth it for her outfit alone. Ghoul Spirit, the contemporary doll in this line-up, cost me a tenner. I’ve noticed that these “small box” dolls are now marketed at £14 in some shops, but if you hunt around its still possible to pick them up for less, especially when they’ve been on the shelves for a while.


Looking at them today, I was thinking about the fact that I couldn’t choose between them. So I decided to approach this issue logically (well, kind of logically) and scored them out of ten on their various attributes …


Sweet 1600 – I’ll have to give her a 5/10. When I first got her, I really didn’t like her eyes, which are rounder and closer together than the modern Frankie incarnation. She is growing on me, but I’m still not convinced.


Ghouls Rule – 7/10. GREAT lip colour, great sparkly eyes. She loses points because of the cracked glass/ lightning strike/ poisoned veins thing on her cheek, which is a bit too fussy for me.


Ghoul Spirit – Another 7/10. I love a natural-looking Frankie, and the pink lip is cute. At first, I really liked her pink eyeshadow too, then one day I thought “conjunctivitis” and that kind of spoiled it for me.



Sweet 1600 – Another 5/10 for her hair, I’m afraid. I love the little bouffant at the front but her sideswept fringe is too bowl-cut for me and its thick with gunk. She has raw band showing on her ponytail too. And GLITTER STRANDS. Actually, I think I’m probably being a little over-generous.

Ghouls Rule: 7/10, and that’s because I love the black hair. The curls were a nice idea too, but the execution is a bit dodgy – again, they’re full of gunk and they’re also rather messy, with little wisps sticking out here and there. I’m considering giving her a boil wash, actually.

Ghoul Spirit: I’ll give her a 7/10 too. I love her blue streak at the back, and she has a lot of lovely soft white in it too. She does have gunk but not so much as the others, its easily brushed out. I am not really keen on her heavy, thick fringe and the half-up style she’s wearing doesn’t do it for me either – Another visible band!




Sweet 1600: 9/10. I love this dress, I think its one of the best Frankie outfits ever made. The puffball skirt! The tartan pattern! This is really why I bought this doll.


Ghouls Rule: 7/10. I’m not usually a big fan of any of the “over the top” Monster High outfits. Its OK, I suppose, but there’s just so MUCH of it – the skirt, the jacket, the leggings etc etc etc etc etc. I’ve actually marked it up because it is tastefully black and there’s not a whole load of cheap plastic accessories.


Ghoul Spirit: 3/10. OK, maybe she’s not on a level playing field, being a small-box doll competing against two big-box dolls, but really. The skirt is too short (I believe that this is because Mattel are scrimping on fabric more than anything), and I don’t really care for her school logo shirt either. Sorry.



Sweet 1600: Poor old 1600 only has a handbag. Its a nice handbag that actually opens and closes, but its pretty much the same bag that I got with my School’s Out Frankie, and it doesn’t go particularly well with Sweet 1600’s outfit either. I don’t feel I can give her more than 4/10 for this poor effort. Of course, this is my fault – if I’d spent a bit more on an original version rather than buying a re-release, I would have got a dress with her too, which would have increased her score considerably.


Ghouls Rule: A good, solid 7/10 – she comes with a cauldron of bubbly stuff, a mask, and a trick-or-treat pumpkin-style basket. Oh, and a weird little thing, I’m not sure what it is. Maybe I’ll work it out one day.


Ghoul Spirit: I’ll give her a 6/10 – yes, she only has her pointy sports hand, but its adorable. It has sharpened fingernails. I love it.



Sweet 1600 – they’re pretty standard Frankie fare (one black, one blue, stitch themed) but tbh I am a bit sad that they weren’t more imaginative and themed to her outfit. 6/10.

Ghouls Rule: Beautiful black glittery platforms – not the outstanding shoes I’ve seen on some other Monster Highs, maybe, but still pretty damn fine. I’ll give them 7/10.

Ghoul Spirit: Hmm, not great – just like 1600’s but plainer. Distinct lack of effort. 4/10.


The final score? Probably – maybe …. Barbie was probably copying me when she infamously claimed that “Math is Hard” – I’m rubbish at maths and too tired to add the scores up more than once, so please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Ghoul Spirit – 27 – this doll has some great elements, but her outfit lets her down and although I really liked it at first, I’m now just not sure about the pink eyeshadow.

Sweet 1600 – 29 – Who would have thought I would have scored her higher than Ghoul Spirit? I really didn’t like her when I first got her – in fact, I nearly sold her on. Just goes to show how important it is to think these things through properly …

Ghouls Rule – 35 – Well I never. I just noticed I scored her “seven” for absolutely everything – which was completely unintentional!

So do let me know what you think. Do you approve of my scores, and which one is your favourite?









6 Responses to “… And Three Frankies …”

  1. Teresa B. May 20, 2014 at 8:22 pm #

    I’m with you on all of those things! The “bowl cut” bangs on Sweet 1600, The design on Ghouls’ Rule Frankie’s cheek, all of it. I actually think my favorite is Ghoul Spirit. I love the sweet face and even think the pink eye shadow is pretty. Gotta love the pointy finger! But you are so correct about the tartan plaid bubble skirt. To die for!

    • barbielea May 24, 2014 at 11:20 am #

      Hi Teresa 🙂 Up until when I wrote this, I thought that Ghoul Spirit was my favourite – if the outfit was better, I think it probably would have worked out like that. Although I must admit, I do love Frankie with black hair – its an usual look for her, I can’t think of any other Frankie who is as dark-haired. Yeah, the finger though – isn’t it fantastic??

  2. Andrea May 20, 2014 at 9:56 pm #

    Ghoul Spirit Frankie looks lovely an the pink is not so disturbing, that it would spoil her appearance. I got Sweet 1600 Frankie from a flea market, sans her handbag, and the dress really is adorable. Ghouls Rule is still missing in my collection. I almost got her on saturday’s fleamarket, but I wasn’t willing to shell out 10 Euros for a used doll, missing all her accessories except her shoes and stand. Her crackle tattoo is not my taste either, but I will get her someday just for her dress.

    • barbielea May 24, 2014 at 11:27 am #

      Hi Andrea 🙂 I wish I could think that way about Ghoul Spirit’s eyeshadow. I just get these ideas sometimes, and then I can’t shift them out of my head! I did really love her makeup at first …

      That’s a funny thing that I have noticed about Ghouls Rule Frankie too -even without her clothes, she still seems to hold her value on the second-hand market. I was looking out for a second hand version initially (which I’m now glad I didn’t get, as what I paid is a very good price over here for a new version of this doll) and was put off by the relatively high prices. Like I said above, I can only imagine that this is down to her unusual hair colour. Unless everybody except for me and you loves that facial tattoo (or whatever it is)?

  3. Blackkitty May 21, 2014 at 12:00 pm #

    I prefer Ghouls Rule out of these too. I like the black hair, the makeup, and unlike you I love the shoes and dress, all the stuff you deemed “too much”. You should write more reviews like this one, it was really interesting to read.

    • barbielea May 24, 2014 at 11:40 am #

      Hi Blackkitty 🙂 I actually like the shoes, and I don’t mind the outfit that much. I have a thing about “fussy” outfits (I am well aware that a lot of other people don’t feel that way, so I don’t expect anybody else to agree with me!) but I have to admit that this is one of the better ones. Her hair is nice too, its the execution I have a problem with. Its crispy and gunky and the curls are not set very well. I might actually re-set it so they’re better rather than straightening it, I haven’t decided yet. You got me on her makeup though! Love the huge eyelashes. Adore the blue lips. Do not like the lightning tattoo at all!

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