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28 Jun

I posted about my first Frights Camera Action doll, Honey Swamp, back on Mother’s Day when I received her. Tonight, I’m featuring my two remaining Frights Camera Action dolls, Viperine Gorgon and Black Carpet Clawdeen.


I didn’t do much buying from this wave, not so far anyway. I actually bought Viperine right when they were first released but I didn’t get round to unboxing her until today, so I might as well have waited for the sale which always seems to occur when the latest wave is emerging. This wasn’t because I don’t like her, its just that I’ve had a bit of a backlog of Monster High dolls to debox and photograph. I’m not complaining though – its a great problem to have!


As I’ve mentioned before, I do love a new character and Viperine is certainly an attractive one. Things I like about Viperine:

* The pink and white hair. I know – I’m always whingeing about the surfeit of pink in Monster High 🙂 But not only do I approve of the colour, which is really lifted by the pale streaks, I love her long ringlets (which are gunk-free) and of course, I LOVE her snakes. Great idea, nicely executed. Because the lower snakes are attached to her head, they do get in the way a bit when you are posing her, but I can live with that.
* Her outfit is probably one of my favourite Monster High outfits, ever. For starters, there are the amazing toothy boots she’s wearing. Then there’s her dress, which looks all pretty and flowery until you look closely at the pattern and realise that there’s some monstrous details in it. I love the washed-out colour-scheme, and boho chic was sadly missing in the line until she came along.
* Her accessories are predictable for her makeup artist theme, but still very nicely done. I particularly like the fact that she can hold the palette and the brush.

However, all this was slightly spoiled for me because of my Viperine’s major flaw – she has one eye (her right) which is significantly larger than the other. I’ve looked at other pictures of Viperine and it certainly doesn’t seem to be the case with other dolls, but surely it can’t just be mine, either. It seems that I have to complain about quality control again ….



Clawdeen was an impulse buy when these dolls were on sale on Amazon recently. The original box price of £14 annoyed me, as the small-box dolls have always been available for £10 over here (I finally picked her up for £7). Also, I had tried to steer clear of the Black Carpet dolls because I am wary of collecting millions of the same character. The problem was, I think that they’re absolutely beautiful. I’m still white-knuckling it over the others, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to avoid them. We will see.

Out of all of them, I liked Clawdeen the best. Her jade eyeshadow is just so unusual and beautiful. As for the rest of her – well. Apart from her vivid purple curl, she doesn’t have much hair gunk. Her plastic bits – the huge ornate necklace that seems to double as a set of shoulder pads, the belt, the shoes – are a truer gold than we usually see on Monster Highs. The design and the attention to detail is as good as I’ve ever seen it. I adore her dress, which reminds me of the popular Swappin Styles Sporty’s glamorous outfit. If I was going to pick fault, I’d have asked for a nicer bag, but that’s it. I love her.


So far, I’ve managed to avoid Elissabat (who I like) and Clawdia (who I don’t) even though they are on sale. The thing is, I am much more interested in the next wave, Freaky Fusion, than I have been about the other recent waves, so I am trying to conserve both doll drawer space and money for these new dolls. Its going to be a busy back end to 2014 on the Monster High front!







4 Responses to “More from Frights Camera Action”

  1. Blackkitty July 1, 2014 at 10:16 am #

    This is a very stylish line. I love Clawdeen’s accessories and dress. You made an excellent choice. I’ll probably have to pass on these because I’m maxed out on doll purchases for now, but who knows…
    Can’t Viperine’s eyes be fixed with eyeliner or something? I’ve seen a lot of eyes like these fixed with thin lines of white or black paint.

    • barbielea July 2, 2014 at 8:46 am #

      Thank you Blackkitty, I love this line too. Every wave seems to get more sophisticated and detailed, doesn’t it?

      Thanks very much for the suggestion about Viperine – that’s a great idea, I think I could make that work.

  2. Andrea July 3, 2014 at 1:32 pm #

    They are gorgeous. I do love Viperine’s eyeshadow palette, great detail.

    • barbielea July 6, 2014 at 7:27 pm #

      Thanks Andrea 🙂 Its a common idea, but its not often that you get a doll who can hold the makeup – I think that’s a bit improvement …

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