Monster High – More From Frights Camera Action

8 Aug

So, now I have had a Barbie fix, I feel mentally strong enough to get back to catching up on my Monster High posts. Who knows, one day soon I might even be up to date with them! Anyway, my two laggards this evening are the beautiful, fabulous Lagoona and Cleo from the Black Carpet small box dolls.


I tried and tried not to buy these fantastic dolls, and well, I kind of succeeded because they were another present from Mr Bat, who noticed my habit of hanging out furtively by the FCA display for a while every time we went shopping. I didn’t want to get them because I’m trying to stop buying the endless, similar releases of the same character, and these dolls are fairly standard interpretations of the core dolls. However, the problem is that they are very good, very beautiful, very detailed interpretations. I bought Clawdeen first from this wave because I thought that she was the most original – but I actually think that Cleo is the most beautiful (that face – THAT FACE) and Lagoona is the best dressed. Oh, in case you’re wondering where Draculaura is, she was my least favourite in this wave. However, I still would have ended up getting her too, I reckon, if it wasn’t for the fact that I have seen so many versions of her with poor facial screening – you know when MH dolls have their eyes printed a smidge too far up and look a bit puffy-faced as a result? I didn’t want to buy her online either, in case I got sent one of these wonky-eyed ones.



Lagoona’s style doesn’t often appeal to me. My favourite outfit of hers is probably her Skull Shoes bikini, and this Black Carpet doll’s styling reminded me of it. I think that somehow, they have managed to reference a vintage Hollywood look in Lagoona’s outfit without doing anything over-the-top or obvious. I think its probably the little fascinator with the feathery nautilus squid tentacles that does it, or maybe the waist-length string of beads. The only problem I have with her is her slightly poofy hair. I think its meant to suggest sea waves, but it doesn’t brush through very nicely and I think I’d have to re-set it to be completely happy with it. However, facially, I have to admit that she’s got it going on – the very dark lip (again, another Old Hollywood reference) and the orange eyeshadow suit her very well, and as she’s often quite pastelled out and natural-looking, its a bit of a break from the norm.



However, facially I think its Cleo who completely steals the show. She’s just stunningly beautiful, one of the most beautiful Monster Highs I have ever seen. In many ways, this is the Cleo I have always wanted – no glitter hair (yay) and beautiful Egyptian-influenced makeup that complements that wonderful sculpt. However, I think that more could have been done with her outfit to tie her in to “Old Hollywood”, as Cleopatra was always a very popular Old Hollywood film subject, and Art Deco, which was still very influential during the Golden Age of Film, often referenced Ancient Egyptian themes. Not that Cleo’s outfit isn’t fantastic. Its as detailed and beautiful as what the other dolls in the wave are wearing. I just think that it could have been exceptional.

So, here is my Clawdeen come to muscle in on the pictures:


When I got them altogether, I noticed that the shoes are all themed to kind of match each other, having one primary colour with a small black detail in the middle of the front strap:


Again, I am so impressed by how good the MH designers are. Subtle little details like this conspire to make the dolls all just look “right” when they are put together. I’m still feeling a little bit let down by the bags, although I must admit that I like Cleo’s (which is softer and actually opens) and Lagoona’s (which is kind of like a gothic jellyfish) more than I liked Clawdeen’s crescent bag, which just didn’t look good in her hand.


Still! Let’s not finish on a down note. The fact is that these dolls are pretty amazing. They’re on sale right now so if you haven’t already, I suggest you go fetch!



4 Responses to “Monster High – More From Frights Camera Action”

  1. Teresa B August 9, 2014 at 4:29 pm #

    I love Cleo too. She is gorgeous. I think the necklace is kind of out of place on Lagoona but that was also a style of Old Hollywood, long strands, especially pearls which might have been cute in the “Lagoona” theme. But you are right, Cleo steals the show! So fun the hubby buys dolls for you! Mine won’t support my obsession, LOL

    • barbielea August 18, 2014 at 9:46 pm #

      😦 … I am very lucky with Mr Bat, fortunately he collects his own stuff so he can’t really complain about mine (although he does sometimes, usually when they start taking over all the flat surfaces in the house). I don’t remember him ever buying me a new Barbie – I don’t think he cares for most of them very much, although he likes the more gothic-looking ones – but I believe that he’s secretly quite fond of Monster High. He also sometimes buys second-hand dolls for me, when he finds them in charity shops etc. Its really very endearing 🙂

  2. Andrea August 11, 2014 at 11:27 am #

    Geez, they all are too beautiful to pass. Seriously, you shouldn’t be enabling me so often, lol. I think, I’m off on a fetch frenzy this afternoon.

    I love their shoes, killer heels without overload. Lagoona’s dark lips caught me immediately. Every doll collecting Girl should have her own Mr. Bat.

    • barbielea August 18, 2014 at 9:51 pm #

      I love the dark lips on Lagoona too Andrea – so “Chicago” … I know what you mean, seriously I did try not to get them but I seem to have my own live-in enabler 🙂 who, by the way, has bought me two more MHs from my wish list this week!! I’m being very spoiled just recently …

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