Ten Reasons to Love Disney Store Jasmine

28 Aug


Yesterday, I bought Disney Store Jasmine and today I unboxed her. Jasmine was an impulse purchase as I’d been thinking about buying a Disney Store doll, but not this one. Well, I’m glad I got her and here are some of the reasons why:

1. I think she’s good value for money. Certainly in my country, Disney Store dolls are cheaper than small-box Monster Highs and about the same price as Fashionistas.

2. Simple but pretty packaging – see nice box art photo above. Also, its not exactly a selling point, but I was also tickled by the way that the bands securing her into the box were colour matched to her skin to disguise them.


3. Better-than-average body construction. These dolls feature pivotal elbows and wrists, which really makes a difference to the kind of poses you can put them in. I know that some people are disappointed that the legs aren’t pivotal too, and I admit it would be nice if they were. But the legs do have a good two clicks in them, so personally I don’t mind.

4. Disney Store dolls have unique, strikingly painted sculpts that actually look like the characters they are intended to be. Although I do own some other Disney dolls, these are my favourite kind – I always wanted Disney dolls who did not look like they were trying to be Barbies, and I bet a lot of other people felt the same way.

5. Buying them means going to the Disney Store (or ordering online, but who orders online when you could go to the Disney Store?)

Well, I suppose these are factors that could apply to any Disney doll, so why not get the popular Ariel or Belle dolls instead? I’ll tell you why:

6. Jasmine’s huge brown eyes. I think she has the biggest eyes of all the Disney Store Princesses and they give her a wonderful, Bambi-like facial expression. I love Jasmine’s very neutral, toned down lip and blush colours, but her eyes in particular are wonderfully painted.


7. The Harem Pants. Harem pants are not easy things to make for a doll with skinny little legs and most of the time, they turn out wrong. However, Jasmine’s look really good, and I love the glitter pattern fabric too. As an added bonus, because of the pants, the Disney doll tendency to sit with legs splayed instead of straight out in front does not look odd on Jasmine as it can with full-skirted dolls.



8. Slippers with turned-up toes. So adorable!

9. Simple, “real metal” effect, chunky jewellery.


10. Her waist-length abundance of back hair with not a drop of gunk in sight. I’m not sure how I feel about the twisted sections at her temples, but I suppose I can always change this. By the way, I should mention that in the box, she had a band round the bottom of her ponytail, I suppose to make her like her film version who had a pony that was banded into sections. I cut this bottom band by accident getting her out – I like it this way though, so I think I’ll leave it.

So there you go. The more I look at this line of dolls, the more I like it – I can’t wait for my next one now!




2 Responses to “Ten Reasons to Love Disney Store Jasmine”

  1. Andrea August 29, 2014 at 12:44 pm #

    What a pretty version of Jasmine! Your pictures are mouth watering. You just gotta love those huge eyes.

    I also love the fact that her earrings are not molded to the head like the ones of the Mattel dolls. Those molded chunks were always my pet peeve on the Mattel Jasmines.

    • barbielea August 30, 2014 at 10:55 pm #

      Thanks Andrea. Never seen that one! (like I say, I never bothered much with Disney dolls before, although I think these Disney Store versions have converted me). Molded-on earrings – uk. Even worse than molded on clothes, at least you can swap the body round!

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